Day 22

AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! A perfect demonstration of karma! Isaac gets the

ax! He took the time to make a fake immunity idol to give to me! AND FOR WHAT?!? YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!! He clearly thought I was going. What was the logic in doing that?? It was completely not necessary! It's a slap in the face. If I did end up going last night he just rubbed salt in the wound. I NEVER said or did anything to deserve that. As much as I got frustrated with him this season, he didn't know it. As far as I know. I actually helped him out. I made sure if he was doing OK in one one of the challenges. He then asked me to be in a two person alliance (although I didn't believe). I saved his ass and this is how he returns the favor. Just shows what type of person he is. He's still young so I hope he grows out of it. But he's a dirty player and that was a jerk move.

Moving on now. Today we find out that there is a double tribal council tomorrow. I just can't seem to get a break in this season. At least an individual immunity is up for grabs and I won't have to rely on any one slowing me down. Except for the real world lol! The individual with the highest score is the winner of the challenge for that tribe. Luckily it's just a few people I'm up against. It's a multitasking game. It's really tough but I'm enjoying it. This challenge takes a lot of patients but I'm slowly getting better at it. I try and get an early start because in the real world I'm gonna be visiting Palm Springs, CA. for the day. By the time I get home I likely won't have much time left. So before I call it a night I have over a minute score. Which I have to believe is good. But it didn't take me toooo long to get it to that. So in the real world I wake to see the main chat is lit up. People are sharing their "scores" left and right... Since when did we start doing that!? That's how you know something ain't right! It's an individual challenge. I'd never announce my score. I was very suspicious. Now I got TJ asking me how I'm doing with the challenge. I just tell him that it's tough but I have to be out of town for the day so I'm likely done. So the hours go by and I finally get home with only an hour to go. I see Mikey tell everyone that he has a score of 71 or something like that. He says I'll be amazed if anyone can do better. That's a great score and I haven't even got close to it yet. So it's believable. But at the same time. Who announces that!? This is survivor. There is trickery. He may have a much higher score than what he said. Next thing I know I got 75. Then I try it again and I get close to that. Now it's becoming easier. But at the same time I know people had more time than I did to do this challenge. So the deadline comes. I'm happy with my score. I think I have a great chance of winning immunity. We'll just see how these other people did. Honestly I'd rather be exiled so I don't have to vote. Plus I want to see exile island for myself. And I don't want any blood on my hands now that our tribe is getting smaller this early.


What'd I tell you? I'm down, but I'm not out. Yet. lol

I actually think that I might have a chance of staying. Even before the challenge started, I got a message from Tyler telling me that Steve and Zane are on board for getting out either Ted or Perry.

I actually spit my water out. I couldn't believe it. The plan that I was gunning for since the day of the swap was finally becoming a reality. I can't even believe it though. I mean of course I'm still skeptical, but I think that this might actually work.

The only issue came today when Perry came up to me and told me that he was voting for Ted. At first I was nervous that someone may have told him about the plan, but then he told me that Tyler was the one who told him. I'm feeling really good about it at this point because Ted has no idea still and Zane and Mikey have both come to me saying that they're in and so is Perry.

I'm hoping that this isn't all part of some crazy plan to take me out at some point, but I really do think that I have a good chance of doing well once I reach merge. I have a lot of people that I can trust and look forward to moving forward in this game with them.



I need to play this game a lot smarter than I am right now. A lot of just conversation needs to be thought out more concretely. I heard TJ bring up Jino's name so I told Jino and assured him that he wasn't going anywhere, but then Jino, in TJ's words, went on a witch-hunt to find out who'd brought his name up. If I'd just waited until the Exile results were posted, the entire crisis could've been averted, so this is a wake-up to be a lot smarter.

And in an update from karma, not only did I get a slap in the face for my boasting, I got a slap in the face for my mutinous thoughts. I recently boasted that the only time I've lost a head-on challenge was the first challenge for Individual Immunity, in which I was the highest-placing loser; and then in this Individual Immunity challenge, I get gobsmacked again and become the highest-placing loser. And just who beat me? George, who for a while I've been harboring intentions to take out. I'm still in a good position - still allied with the entire tribe, Jino is on Exile so I don't need to protect him, I get an Idol clue - but karma still has it out for me. What a bitch.


I worked my ass off for this score, and I really can't remember putting this much time or effort into a challenge before. Maybe I'm making myself a challenge threat unnecessarily, but I'd love to have Individual Immunity for the first time in this game. Things are going to get murky and muddy once Exiles and results have been revealed, and I want to know that I'm safely going through to what, hopefully, will be the merge. I'm not sure yet what's going to happen, but that's what makes it fun. If I lose Individual Immunity to someone, so be it - I worked hard enough to get to a high score, and I'm sticking with it.


So Isaac was voted out and I am ecstatic. He was never going to work with me. He had made his line in the sand and was working with Perry and them to keep him alive.

This is our chance to make a stand against them. Steve told me he was down all the way for voting one of them out. Trace told me Zane was also fine but I want to message him.

But I have a problem with that. It's just been too awkward. We both know we're on different sides. He's a blind follower and I'm the opposition to him. Any sort of message would be some sort of warning sign to him. But, if Trace has already told him the plan, I'm gonna try to just confirm with him.

I got really lucky and I might have the lead in the challenge now. I managed to keep 5 games going for a couple seconds and got 82. I just hope I don't need to try and improve it.


Well, I knew it was coming and though I hoped it never would, it did. The Double Tribal Council. I'm allied with everyone on this tribe, so I'm getting blood on my hands no matter what the result is. I was thinking about using this opportunity to maybe blindside George, because he's a threat to my own game and there's great benefit to it in that allies that he and I share will now be solely devoted to me, but that's a big move, and just because it's a big move doesn't make it a good move. I'm not voting for Tyler, I'm not voting for Jino, and in keeping my best long-term options open, I shouldn't vote for George, so that leaves it between Matthew and TJ. I like the both but when push comes to shove I'd keep Matt over TJ - there's more trust there, we've been allied since the start, and there's still the chance of our original tribal foursome making to the end together, or he and I reuniting with Trace post-merge and becoming a power trio.

I really hope Jino gets sent to Exile, though, because who knows if he'll be targeted or not. If I win the Individual Immunity, I just may be tempted enough to give it to him if he's in danger. I want to go to the end with him, so he's someone I'm not willing to afford to lose. Everyone else? Prepare your backs for the knife.


For todays challenge we're playing for individual immunity, which means a double tribal council. I've heard rumors that Zane will be flipping over to help me, Trace, and Mikey take out the other threesome of Perry, Eden, and Ted, hopefully that's true. It would also be a huge help for us if one of our allies wins immunity on the other tribe and the right to exile someone from our tribe because that would cut down the number of the ways the vote could end up going wrong


YASSSSS! Isaac is gone and Matthew played that fake idol Isaac gave him meaning the real idol is still out there :D Perry will be pissed but IDGAF. I'm playing my own game and I've already turned the majority of his team against him, Ted and Eden. Now it's only 13 left. Let the game REALLY begin because shit is about to get REAL >:)


Day 23

Immunity results are in. Just like that George wins immunity on our

tribe and Jino gets exiled. And I can see that Perry won on his tribe. Can it get any worse for me?? George is the one guy on my tribe I'd be fine to see go. I have no loyalties with him. He can't be trusted. I can't remember if I've said this already but I've played 2 other ORGs before this with him. I voted him off both times. Not only that, I'm the main guy responsible for doing it both times. All 3 times I've played with him he's been this social butterfly that talks to EVERYONE. He tries to act like one of your closest friends. I fell for it the first time. But the second and third time, no way! At least George is a nice guy. Plus I think it would be very hard to convince people to vote off George any way. Since Ridgeway the other day asked me to be in an alliance with himself, Zane, TJ and of course George. I have this feeling that a lot of people are taking his bait. And I'm just assuming he is talking to everyone this time, because he did it the other two time I found out. Oh well he's staying. And now that Jino is gone to exile. I lose support and a vote. I at least have Mitchell and Ridgeway to rely on. I'm sure TJ has probably put in his time with them as well. But based on Mitchell and Ridgeways actions towards me the last couple of days I feel they are both mostly legit people.

Right before Jino went to exile, he informed me that TJ said I was targeting Jino. That is the biggest BS. I believe Jino though. Why is TJ starting drama about me that isn't true?? Because he is who I thought he was and this pretty much confirms it. TJ, I got my sights locked on to you now. He's messing with the wrong person. I'm all fired up. But I know I gotta remain cool. I've been doing that this whole season and it's working out so far.

I go to the first person I see online. It's George. My strategy isn't to look like I'm targeting TJ, since I can't trust George. Instead I tell George how TJ has lied about me and targeted me. But George is no help at all and tries to make it less of a deal than it really is. What else did I expect to get from George?? Now I see Ridgeway is online. I let him know what TJ had informed me of. That's when Ridgeway told me that it really is between myself and TJ. I was taken by surprise. If we are both in an alliance that YOU came up with, and we got George here who's also in this "alliance" why aren't you targeting Mitchell?? Well I technically don't want Mitchell gone since he is an original ally that has been watching my back this whole game. This vote is basically Sulur vs Askja. I can't believe we're playing that type of game. I mean really?? C'mon now, I was an ORIGINAL member of Sulur way before a ton of these other people were. I'm the only won who got taken away from the original Sulur 4. It's kinda irritating that these people forget that. It's not my fault I'm the only 1 of the 4 that had to leave to go to Askja. And whats up with Mitchell going along with this?? I ask Ridgeway "Why? What did I do?" But now I have a perfect excuse to target TJ. I knew it would happen one day, but not this soon. So I basically plead my case to Ridgeway about why I should stay over TJ. This should be a no brain er I'm thinking. TJ has been more aggressive socially. The guy is really playing to win. But Ridgeway is saying I've been playing the same way he has. No I'm not! I have to use examples that TJ is always talking to people, he always starts the conversation and he's been one of those people approaching multiple people since day 1! Ridgeway your my buddy, but why are you not remembering things correctly?!? Then I tell him to read his player profile page. Look at the answers to his Q and A's. TJ said something like doing anything he has to do to win this game. Ridgeway sees my point and says he'll talk to Mitchell and George. I see that Mitchell is now online and he's messaging me on this next vote. So I tell Ridgeway I'll talk to Mitchell now.

Now I go to Mitchell to tell him what TJ told Jino. I don't tell Mitchell that I know it's Sulur vs Askja. He doesn't need to know that I know about that. Especially now. It might scare him and make me look like a threat to him. So I just make it look like I'm targeting TJ. Mitchell is all on board with getting out TJ. Thank goodness. Mitchell understands that TJ is the threat. I let him know I talked to Ridgeway and that hes on board. I let him know Ridgeway was gonna tell him too. Ironically TJ all of a sudden starts chatting with me. He says hes trying to figure out what to do. HAHA yeah I'm sure he is :P! I just straight up ask him who he's leaning towards. At the same time I'm doing play-by-play for Mitchell. We're curios to see who he's gonna say. After waiting 12 minutes and seeing the message, he tells me it's Mitchell. AHAHAAHA!! So I let Mitchell know and we're both having a ball with this! I let Mitchell know how much TJ reminds me of Drew, the winner of my original season Anarchy. I told him I know what signs to look for in players like Drew. Mitchell was very interested to know the comparisons. I basically tell him how social he was, but I leave out the part by comparing there challenge skills. Drew was very good at challenges. TJ not so much. I left that part out because Mitchell is good at challenges, but socially he is a little similar when it comes to his social play. I'm sure Mitchell realizes he's social and great at challenges. Well he's mostly great with challenges than he is social. I don't want him to think he is like Drew (which he's not) and then him worry about me detecting that from him. But it's looking like a done deal now with TJ going. I let Ridgeway know what happened. Ridgeway tells me "OH YOU ARE STAYING!" I'm not gonna bother going to George. One of them can. We don't need his vote any way we have a majority. Me getting TJ out has come way sooner than I expected. I'm not going down to another Drew type of player this time


Well, well, well. In the real world I wake up to start my day at

work. However, Salvation is still in Day 23. I wake up to see a message in our tribe chat from TJ. He said he sees a merge coming soon and he wants to stay loyal to the remaining current Askja players. He believes we can be a tight group. To me I see it as campaigning to stay in the game and announcing he will remain loyal to who ever is left. I'm thinking he knows he's in trouble and he can detect it from his personal chats with everyone. So before I get out of bed, I see Ridgeway is the only one to see the message TJ left. So I made a comment to him saying something like "haha did you see what TJ said?! He knows he's in the hot seat." That's when Ridgeway tells me something bad. He tells me that he's still trying to convince George and Mitchell to vote for TJ. I just tell Ridgeway "ok, well I gotta go to work now." I just stayed calm but at the same time I'm thinking "WHAT?!" Why would he need to convince Mitchell?! We agreed! Mitchell is having second thoughts and I can't talk to him because I gotta be at work. The voting deadline will have passed before I get off. I'm relying on Ridgeway to save me. This is just took a major turn for the worse over night. I don't think this is gonna end the way I want it. I think I'm gone for good now.

So it's time for my lunch break at work. 30 minutes to go before the deadline. I don't see any messages. I immediately message Ridgeway for an update. I asked if he talked to them and his answer was "Yeah

/" I knew what that face meant. Damn.... He felt so bad. He said

he tried. He asked if I was ok. I was just feeling meh. I'm literally a dead man walking right now. Next thing I do is go to Mitchell. I asked him if he voted for me. He said yeah, and gave me that whole "It wasn't easy" kind of speech. What an ally... Why did this guy bother to have my back the last round? If he knew I would be a target soon than why bother wasting our time? He then tells me he tried to convince them to vote TJ. So Ridgeway or Mitchell is lying. I think it's Mitchell based on how they both approached the situation to when I found out I was gone. Ridgeway was way more sympathetic and seemed more sincere. Ridgeway at least told me I was in danger this morning. Mitchell did not. Now, had I not have been on this voting process at all, they probably would have blindsided me. I was NOT letting that happen again.

Now I'm off work, but the results are not posted. Which means I am still technically in the game. Well since Perry's wish is gonna come true, I'm gonna add a price to that wish. I really wanted to get Perry out of this game. After he's been targeting me on past game play, that I have not shown in this game. That isn't fair to me. I didn't even do anything wrong in this season. I'm just being low key this whole time but I'm a threat to these people. Wow. Here I am getting sent out because of my successes in other ORGs not in this series. Well I'm sure Anarchy had some influence too. It's a compliment in a way. But it's still not right about whats about to happen. So in the main chat I see that Perry and Ridgeway are talking. Jino pops up too. My intention is to come into the conversation as someone friendly and act like I don't know I'm about to go out. Then slowly turn it into an awkward conversation about the game and putting Perry front and center in front of everyone. Since a ton of people want him gone. I have nothing to lose. It's time to bring him to reality. Influencing to have another tribe vote me out is not gonna come easy. Like I said there is a price to pay, and the tab is all on Perry. I start out by asking what is every ones favorite part of the game. Perry takes the bait and answers. I then ask "do you like voting people out?" He says, "no." All of a sudden Ridgeway notices where this is going and he says he's gotta go. I tell him, "no you are staying Ridgeway, lol!" Then I ask Perry if he likes to have other people vote on his behalf. All of a sudden Perry messages me for the first time in this game and starts to apologize to me for not talking to me. He knows what I'm up to by now. I just ignore it at first. I can't quite remember what the next thing I said. By now it is obvious to everyone what is going on. More and more people are reading the messages, but no one is talking. LOL! Then I talk about how my favorite challenges is touchy subjects. I said we should all play that game right now. I then said my favorite question is "Who mistakenly believes they are controlling this game?" Perry all of a sudden messages me and says "Let me guess. It's me?" I say that it's Perry in the group chat. Now I got Jino coming to me saying that this is great what I'm doing. And Perry is trying to have Jino change the conversation! LOL! Now I got Mitchell loving this too! Now I imagine that Perry is frantically messaging the hosts to post results. So I make a wild assumption and say "Perry stop trying to get the hosts to post the results." He denies that he did that. Which I can't argue with him on that. He messages me again and says "What do you want from me??  ;-;" At that point I start to message him back. I just basically told him how I don't like how he played the game and targeted me for reasons not related to this season. I like Perry and I told him that, I just did not respect how he played that part of the game. I told him he's a smart and funny clever guy. I basically told him that he is in danger. And that people are after him. He asked "who?" I said "everyone." He then asked specifically. I told him "LITERALLY everyone except for Eden and Ted." It was time for his wake up call. I wished him well and that was it.

In regards to my answer to my tribal council answer. Drew II is TJ. People started coming left and right who that was. I told Ridgeway, Trace and Jino this. George was someone else who asked. But I just ignored him. He didn't know that I knew I was going when he asked me that. He thought he was clever haha! Before the votes were read I had time to go to my 3 best friends that would be still be remaining in the game. Trace, Jino and Ridgway. I told them each that they should work together. I sure hope they do. I also told Trace that Mitchell cannot be trusted any longer. I also told Ridgeway that I had an alliance this whole game with Mitchell, Trace and Szymon. I told him to not trust Mitchell after what he just did to me. It was a perfect opportunity to just tell them everything I knew. I still want to have an influence on the outcome. I hope these 3 strongly take my advice I had given them. I even told them to watch out for George being a sneaky social butterfly. I even told Perry to watch out for George LOL! George was the one ratting Perry out to me. I also told Perry that George told me how pissed Perry was when I wasn't voted off and it was Isaac instead.

I am very disappointed that I will not be winning this game. That was the initial plan. There was finally some action happening as of late. I really think I could have won playing the way I've been playing. No joke. I was starting to see those opportunities open up that I've been anticipating. And now it means nothing. I'm gonna miss merge, which is like missing the playoffs. So there goes a failed goal, smh. But damn, I was playing smart this time, and it was about to be rewarding. I'm also disappointed that there is a likely chance that someone I want to win will lose. I'm only rooting for Trace, Jino, Ridgeway and now TJ. Trace has had a target this whole time. I think Jino could get far but I could see him ride someones coatails to the end. I think Ridgeway will go just as far as he did in Turkey, but I think they'll all turn on him eventually and he'll get blindsided. And I think TJ's time is very limited now, after telling a few people including Mitchell that he is Drew II. Any way I'm done here. Unless they all tricked me and they are voting out TJ. But that is a looooonng shot.


It seems too simple. Ted's going. We're pulling off the blindside. Is it even a blindside anymore. It's going to be unanimous. We got Zane, but what weirds me out is that Perry is just voting with the majority against Ted.

It worries me. Perry has not spoken to me at all. He's never this quiet. They are pulling something. There is no way Ted is getting all the votes.

But he's never been to exile. Or he got really lucky with those Alpha and Bravo idols. If Ted has an idol, it might be the last of me. I can't let that happen to me. I want my salvation, and I'm not letting it go because of another idol.


Last night I talked to Perry and brought up the idea of taking out Ted. Now I'm hosting a season called Survivor Africa on Ryan from Peru's org and Kevin, Perry and Ted all played in it.

Ted was responsible for Perry's "blindside" and Perry became wary of him. I then proceed to sway Perry in the direction of taking out Ted but making him think it was his idea in a way, which was my plan with this double tribal anyway. Take out somebody from that trio. Africa caused distrust with the three of them (thank you Kevin & Ted lol).

I then told Perry to talk to Trace and Zane (who I already told about the plan too like days ago and they agreed) but they played along. I need Trace to stay here longer because he will have a target on his back until he leaves which is good for me personally. Perry has also a target on his back as well. Anyway, Ted will go home and Eden will be pissed at Perry, Zane and Steve and that will in effect push them all closer to me, Mitchell and George plus Perry gets the heat for the plan. Sort of like how James got the heat for the Brian plan ^_^

So in my tribal, me, George and Mitch came to a decision that Matt has to go. I would vote with Matt but I need TJ to keep trusting me. After this only 11 will left. I'm doing ok so far and I don't wanna screw things up. If I keep this up I should be able to get to the end but right now I'm taking baby steps. If you look too far ahead, you won't be able to see what's coming right now. ^_^


YAY I'VE BEEN EXILED! Immunity for me, and it proves my alliance on the other side is still intact. The only problem is I don't get to pay Trace back for voting me out. Oh well.


So, after all that paranoia over the idol, theatrics over the fake idol, and Perry's antics and interference, Isaac went out, unanimously. And predictably, Isaac was throwing a goddamn hissy fit about the fact that Isaac went home, which concerns me to the max. He wanted to appear all rational and strategic, but the dude could hardly even speak he was so furious XDDDD I believe I can see 3 possible reasons for Perry being he had something going on with Isaac, from a psychological perspective. #1, he might have had something going on with Isaac, which Tyler was concerned about earlier, as Isaac was always on the outs of the 3.0 Askja tribe. I have no idea if this is the case, and it isn't even worth my time tbh since he's already gone. Out of sight, out of mind ;33333. #2, he's had problems with Matthew for a long time. This one I'm pretty secure is the case, as Matthew and Perry both recognize that each other are really big threats as far as the game is concerned and have tried to get each other out on numerous occasions for that reason. I'm not oblivious to the implications of this, I mean Matthew is a huge, albeit relatively silent atm, threat as far as my game is concerned. I had to basically appease my allies to get out Isaac and in order to get rid of one of Perry's votes, because that's the best move for us long-term. But once it's just us (which it will be during this Day 23 TC xDDD), it's to our best interest to get rid of Matthew. The guy has never been to exile, and as long as he can't pull something out of his ass (which I know he usually can >:( ), then I hope he goes. But I'm willing to do whatever it requires to get myself saved this TC. Preferably, I could get safe by winning individual immunity, but then I'd have to show my place in the game by exiling Zane or someone else that Perry doesn't want exiled, to show my loyalty to the far more numerous (I believe & hope xDDD) and far more loyal group in Tyler's faction of things. But that's something I'm fine with, because Perry's side at this point has ceased to be a viable option. You keep all viable options open, and I kept his open as long as I could without him turning his back on the deal himself. So ya, my goals: win immunity if I can, if Perry still wants to send me to exile then that's fine (but I can't guarantee that and I don't want people to think I'm in bed with him), and if both of those fail, then Matthew should go but I'll do whatever appeasing I need to and bad deal for me I need to take in order to survive. Whatever can unify the group, because I don't know what position I'll be in, nor what position I need to be in order to win, so I can't strategize too far down the road ^_^ I just have to take this day by day, play it cool, see how it goes. Btw, I FINALLY SURVIVED 39 DAYS TOTAL ;DDDD I've been waiting for this moment for a long f**king time, it shows me I'm at least competent in the game. As well as that, the people going home tonight will both be 12th, presumably ^_^ so that means I'VE IMPROVED :D xDDDD I've always wanted to improve on my origianal placement, if I go out next I'll be happy with myself ^_^ I've gotten into a good alliance, been able to get along with a vast majority of the people here, and I know I'm not going home excessively early XD from here on out, I'm very proud of how I did, and it's been a pleasure. NOW LET'S GO KICK THEIR ASSES! :D