Day 30

So Aly drew the purple rock. Now it's Jesse, Jody, and myself, against Ryan, Natalie, Domca, and Alf. I've got a lot of work to do if I wanna stay in this game.


If I dont find the idol with my next guess then I dont know what the hell is up with that. My own clue told me that the tribe closest to the Andes comes first and that is Huanca, Ryan's says its the one closest to Amazon last, which is Jivaro, Domca's says the capital and country go hand in hand, so it means Peru and Lima are together and Aaron's said that the mountain range is located the same place in the sequense as in the country, which means Andes would be 2nd if its not first.

I hope none of these clues are wrong and that I can get it right next. But who knows, anyone could have given me a false clue.


So alot has happen. My alliance Alf, Ryan and domca are finally in the majority. The huancas have been groveling some of them are delusional. When they had the majority Alf , Ryan and I mentioned to all of them except Aaron that if they stick with Aaron that would win in a clean sweep but they thought they were going to beat Aaron which i don't see how when Aaron has been making all of the moves. Also I finally found another person to keep with me, Alf. I do have half a mind to suspect that Alf may have been lying to me about feeling closer to me than Ryan. And lately have been thinking about the end, I know it is far off but i cant help it. I always think ahead and it might be a downfall for me. I know that some people see me a coattail rider with Ryan but I did basically carry in beginning. But I am considering taking Ryan though.


Day 31

Man, one step closer to the end, and for the first time since before the switch on day 11, I'm not in the visible minority of numbers. Domca is still a wildcard, and could shift back to Huanca, but I have to have hope that she will stay the course with us. Sometimes it can be difficult to convince someone the mass perception, it's clear to us that she is 4 with Huanca. RIght now the best way to make her feel safe is to let her make the decision on whom to vote. If she would ever communicate back with me. Alf has been able to glean information from her, which has been invaluable. The Huancas are scrambling now that Aly lost the duel, well, Aaron and Jody have been talking. Jesse remains non present. Jody has tried to make the case that Alf will win because all of Huanca will vote for him in the end, while Aly's post about how we should vote him out if we want to win didn't have the affect I think they are hoping for. I feel like they are trying to get Nat, Domca and myself to turn because they know they are going one by one, and this would make things a tie vote at the next tribal. The Rule of Two isn't as dumb as they think we are, and to give up the majority one vote after getting it? I give them credit for trying, but while Alf does need to go, now is not the time. Ideally I want this to be an all Ocaina final tribal council, but Domca in the end could backfire and she might walk away with the win without doing a thing to merit the victory. Nat and I will make the decision when the time comes, but for now we need to stay the course, and watch Jessy knock the next 2 from the game completely. As I'm writing Aaron is out of the challenge, and as long as one of us wins, he can start packing his bag if he hasn't already. that's all for now, I've got to go start building a tiki pole. Apreesh!


Day 32

Well, it looks like my master plan to make the final three is becoming more and more impossible. The worst case scenario happened. Alf flipped sooner than expected, and Aly drew a rock. This leaves Aaron Jesse and myself against the four of them. Out of Natalie, Domca, Ryan, or Alf, I would honestly only vote for Alf. So me or the rest of Huanca cannot make the final three, I hope he does. Domca does not deserve to be here at all. Natalie just sucks and doesn't really get how this game works, she will receive no jury votes. Although he did flip on us, it was the best move to make. There's always some more moves to be made, and immunities to be won. It would be foolish of me to give up now. Until next time!


I know I have been writing less and shorter confessionals lately, but its honeslty because there is less going on now that there are less people.

But I am planning ahead for my own game.

For now, Aaron and Jody can get voted out of the game. Then whoever returns from redemption, unless its Jessy, that might change things. But if its not Jessy, then that person will be voted right out again. What is the point of having redemption island again?

But at final 5, which is most likely, Ryan, Natalie, Domca, Jesse and myself... I might flip things around again and take out Ryan with Jesse and Domca's help. Jesse and I had a good talk about working together down the road and I like where he is at in the game.

I might disagree with some of the things he has said and done in the past, but for the game, he could benefit me, so that is the main priority. One of my main things in this game has been to keep my options open.


Damn, Alf just told me he's voting me. It looks like my game in Survivor Peru is just about over. I'm not mad at Alf at all. I dont understand why Aly, Jesse, and Jody, are mad at him for flipping on us, he knew he was number five and he acted on it. Especially since we tried to vote him out last time! hahaha I won't take it so personally I got outplayed and it looked like a cakewalk from the final 10 vote, but man anyone that outplayed me gets my vote. Alf, I hope I see you in the final 3 chair.


I feel really bad saying it, but I dont want Jessy to return to the game. I want a Huanca to come back so we can just vote them back out again and move on. Jessy coming back would be great on a personal level, she would be a guaranteed vote on my side and she is a great person to talk to. The main problem with her returning would be figuring out what happens next, Ryan says she wont go right away, which I agree with as it would be crappy to do that to her. But what happens after? I have no idea. Of course I could go with her and Domca to the final, but we will see.

I feel like I should be ashamed but Domca really is the perfecy goat to bring to the end and when she is loyal to me, she is even better than she would be otherwise. I think she is really loyal to me and that I can count on her to vote with me. I will never trust her 100% but something tells me she will be there next to me in the end if I am there.