Day 21

legit like the old tribe you would always see each other helping each other out and they wont even answer my question xx even tho i saw some of them saw it

im sure someone will answer but eh whatever anyways next time we go to tribal imma try getting out koror, because quite frankly i dont trust him at all and i want him out of here


So Josh is apparently trying to start stuff within the tribe & is lying to Jamie about what people are saying. Getting rid of him or Jamie (idk which honestly) is gonna break that alliance up. I'm just worried the favorites will get numbers over the fans because I think within the fans I could have numbers so more favorites need to go home before merge


I still feel so bad for lying to Dennis. Really wanted to work with him, but it just couldn't happen, Damn.




Okay Jamie still pushes for the Koror vote and wants to tie the votes. JAMIE!!!!! We need Ricky's trust. @.@ So Josh is still closer to Jamie than Ricky's. And Jamie is acting like we can dispose Ricky any time. And Ricky's a warrior. JAMIIIIIEEE what the heck are you doing. @.@


well, couldve seen this coming from a mile away. Although I thought there'd be some sort of individual immunity twist, oh well say-lave. So the vote is between Norbert and Topaz. Preferably I'd want Norbert out just because I'd rather there be more favs around for one of those "fav comebacks!!!" but I just don't have people on my side to do so. I'd fight for him to stay more but, you brought my name up once so I don't put it past him to not do it again. Still it saddens me taking out a fav all of the sudden again but, the more we push the "its not fans vs favs anymore!!!!11!" just long enough until the favs can get majority again, and take over this game.