Day 15

-Well I survived. I'm incredibly grateful to Trace and T.J. for keeping me around. I'm definitely going to show them they made the right decision to keep me. However, I won't forget what happened. I'm still ticked off with Ian going home and I will try to avenge him any way I can. But for the time being, I gotta stay smart and can't let my own motives control me. For now, it's still a tribe game and I'll do my best to stay with them and do good in challenges. But when the time comes, I'll get my vengeance.


Our weak link is gone now. I sense some more optimism from the tribe now as far as winning challenges.

For this next challenge, it's Donkey Kong. I figure this is great! It's a game I use to play when I was a kid. And better yet were going head to head against individuals from the other tribe. I'm up against Thaddeus. The moment I start playing that game I forgot how hard it was to play. It's so hard to get a good score. My tribe mates were not getting very high scores either. So I started to figure that's normal and the other tribe is gonna get around the same score. Because its head to head, I really think we can win this immunity.


So lately ive definitly stayed more udner the radar, trying to build peoples trust and having tjem coming to me with info, and now time to start slowly working.

Perry, Ted and Eden apparently are way too much power hungry in their tribe so they need to try to influencne how the votes in our tribe go. Too bad that they are only puttuing people who they want to keep at risk (Julia and now Liam), i talked to Mitchell,Tyler and Jino and will talk with others about it to make them notice how strong and power hungry the trio Perry, Ted and Eden is. They all need to get a ride into sunset asap


Perry and TJ are finally starting to get on my last nerve.

Perry thinks it's ok to try and play both tribes. TJ is gaining a backbone and trying to make big moves.

The worse part is they get to get away with it. Liam, one of my allies, is now leaving because of it. I try whatever I can and people just sit their and bullshit and then swallowing TJ's word and accepting it as their only opinion and thought.

Syzmon messages me saying we should keep TJ because he was loyal with us for every vote. Well no shit, Sherlock, but Liam has also been with us for every vote accept for the one where we BLINDSIDED HIS ONLY ALLY.

These people have the worst short-term memory in the world. They message me the same thing over and over, like I forgot it. Either they are really horrible actors, or they really don't care to remember anything about me. Well, then I won't care to remember anything about you when I vote you out.

I don't know if I should break my contact with Liam and vote him out or try and still stage a coup against TJ. TJ's getting too strong for this game.

I just don't like the fact Perry has managed to make an impact on the other tribe. Perry needs to tone it down and get his ass to leave. Hi's just annoying me constantly.

This game just breaks you. It's demeaning. Just people laughing in your face. Always feeling like it's not worth it. I want to win but no matter how hard I try someone literally just takes one swipe and it's reset to Day 1.


In my 15 days of existence here in iceland I would honestly say that I am not one of the challenge threats here in salvation this peeps here are so good.I just do hope I wont be voted out. Since day 1 I didnt do a good performance at challenges from being one of the challenge threats of swiss to being one of the not so good at challenges here in salvation. I honestly do feel like I am a new castaway with all veterans here haha. Now my plan if ever we go to tribal is to vote zane off because I think he is the safest bet so that I can stay and zane sitted out twice so I do hope the sulur 3 and the RPG alliance at sulur would agree + tyler but id Zane got exiled that is the biggest problem cause I do think that I am in great danger.


So Julia was voted out last tribal when I was gone which absolutely baffles me as Isaac has been their scapegoat and has not been helpful to our tribe at all. He's on their side, he knows it, and everyone else knows it. I swear TJ is brainwashing them to vote his way.

This challenge somehow turned do or die. I have to beat the game pretty much for a chance at my survival. But of course, we have to change the rules for challenges every time we introduce a new one so they could throw it and I have no way to stop them. It's just bull shit that I almost never get a break.

Perry is trying to rally a vote against Trace and I. He's not on the same tribe. His ass is done. Like, I'm seriously considering calling him out on his bullshit. I want him to leave.

I have to trust TJ and put Ted on exile. Hopefully we pull some win out of our arses and get Sulur to splinter like a chopped tree.


So I'm talking to Szymon and he tells me that Perry, Ted and Eden were pushing for Trace to be gone last tribal. I told him I knew about them wanting to save Julia but I didn't know they were gonna push so hard, which I didn't know.

So now I'm guessing that they are targets in Trace and Szymon's mind and once again, I'm getting away clean. It's weird because like I don't even have to lie. And the three of them are trying to control the whole game. Everyone is gonna take each other out and at this point (but it's early though) I may not have to get too much blood on my hands and that's great for me. In Turkey I was up to my elbows in blood from blindside after blindside but I want to play a much cleaner and precise game than I did last time :P


Perry. Ted. You two are feeling so confident that even the other tribe realizes it - and they realize it because you're trying to influence the votes on their side. If you were successful? Good on you. But you weren't; not only did your target not go home but now the power players over there are pissed at you. And I'm in good with those power players, and let this be a formal warning: your days are numbered. I didn't come into this game to be the whipping boy of a clique, I came into this came to take the world by storm. If we lose, by some impossible stroke of fate, Ted goes to Exile and Perry is a goner, but if not, we'll just bide our time. I've put some thought into throwing the challenge but I've done it before. It never works, and it's just not smart. I'm going to try my best to win, but if we don't, I can wait. I want to convince the tribe to send Szymon to Exile, which works for me because he might take me with him. That's all for now.


I feel like I should feel bad, but truth is, I feel absolutely nothing. LOL not to be a dick, but playtime is over. I'm not playing with these hoes no more. It's time to turn up. Salvation has been too quiet. We need to get shit poppin ASAP. I'm about to channel my inner Miguel right quick and stunt on these hoes tbh. The only eliminations I would feel bad about on Askja is Trace and Matthew. I really like them. But if you ain't with me, you're against me. And it's more beneficial to be on my side then not honestly. I plan on having TJ around for a whole lot longer. But the rest of em? Ehh


Day 16

Yesterday, I received a shocking piece of news, something that doesn't happen very often: SÚLUR! WINS IMMUNITY!!! AGAIN! With Súlur winning our 4th out of 5 immunity challenges since the schoolyard pick (6th/7 total, because SÚLUR SLAY <3), we have a 3 person advantage over the rival Askjas, and from what I've heard, there doesn't seem to be much of an ability for them to recover. Sure, some of our outsiders may leave to them, but some of their outsiders may also leave to us if the tribe boundries are loose, and we've had an ability to protect their outsiders, using exile to our political advantage. Basically, many of the contestants have felt that they are in a good spot even when they aren't, because they're under Ted's umbrella of safety at Súlur, and are thus tethered through him to us using Perry's umbrella of safety at Súlur. And basically, for now, the two camps decided to work together to weaken and eventually destroy the nucleus of power that is the Askja majority, and to eventually drive it to oblivion. I believe that if Askja is removed one by one, as I suspect, the civil war within the Súlurs will have so many people, be so complex and be so devious as to be, quite simply, the battle of the century. I don't fully know if Súlur will be the dominant tribe, or that the tribes will be divided, or that there isn't some sort of crazy cross-tribal alliance with a billion people inside. Barring all of that, in the scenario that Súlur is a unified tribe for now, then I'm really excited to see how this goes :DDDD


We lost. No we got are asses whooped! Are scores were pathetic compared to most of Súlurs. Just unbelievable. And of course Isaac gets sent to exile. Funny thing about Isaac is we all agreed as a team to take Ted to exile if we win. Instead he took Perry. Going against the teams wishes. According to Trace, Isaac told him that Perry pressured him. Nice move Perry. Just digging a larger whole for yourself. It's very clear to just about, if not all of Askja that Perry is TRYING to run this game. Apparently TJ wants Liam out. And my alliance with Trace and Szymon will be happy to honor his wish! TJ is a great help to our alliance. I think I've said it before, I can see him becoming a social threat down the road. I'm seeing shades of Drew, the winner of my original season. TJ, I consider you my friend and I think you're a great guy but, I'm watching you buddy! I know you are in this to win!


-There isn't much to say at this point. Again Askja comes in second place in the challenge. Luckily this time I feel Askja has moved on from what happened a few days ago and I should be safe tonight... I hope. After all I did get the highest score out of Askja as well as the only one to score a point. So we need to stay strong and I proved myself. The thing that has started to come up is Perry seems to be making deals with people on our tribe in attempts to vote out Trace and Mikey. Odd that he wants the best two challenge competitors on Askja out. I've talked with Perry in the past and he seems out for blood this time. However, he fails to play the number game as Trace and Miley are my allies, they aren't going anywhere at this moment. But from this I've learned a lot about Perry, he is a parasite and needs to be gone whenever I get my first chance at him.

-TJ has made himself the main target by making some boneheaded moves. He's seemed suspicious to me for a while and now he's proved that to be true with his actions. He wants the power players like Mikey and Trace out and he's talked about me. So let me get this straight, you want to win, but want to get rid of our best players. Genious. Either way, Mikey, Trace and I are gonna put his name down tonight and hopefully Matt and Szymon will go with us. Because we're not gonna let him take control of this tribe and give more power to Perry.


My brain and every smart bone in my body is telling me to vote Liam. My heart and my gut says to vote TJ.

I've tried. I tried to turn the vote back on TJ. No one listens. The votes are already going to Liam. It's just like, do I risk the vote and hope for a tie by some random force in the universe?

Do I vote Liam out? Ruin a friendship? Or again, by some random force in the universe, that starts a tie when TJ would have left? Or somehow, there's a surprise Outcast twist cause the hosts love to fuck with me and Ian, Alex, and Jake all return and then I get stuck with them.

I don't know what to do anymore. And the hours are dwindling until I have to vote.


Once again, we've won immunity. I thought our tribe had performed a lot higher than we had, so I thought my newest high score wouldn't be that great in comparison, but the only person who did better than me was Perry. I'm not really lessening a potential target on my back by frankly dominating in these challenges, but despite that, I feel like I'm in a pretty good position. Mikey approached me about wanting to work together if we get on the same tribe so that's yet another number on my side. All of Askja is pissed off at Perry, so when the swap inevitably comes, I can either side with Askja against Perry or stick with Perry a wee longer against Askja. All sides trust me at this point, and being the swing vote is a place you never want to be, but when the situation comes down to it, I think I might be able to work it off pretty well.


This is the first time that exile threw a wrench in my plans. Isaac is the PERFECT person to get rid of at this point, but he was saved by god damn sulur. And to make matters even worse, he took Perry of all people with him. The one person that I don't want getting near to an idol of course, gets near to an idol. This is just great.

So, last week Perry tried to get TJ to get together with Julia and Liam to vote me out. That is funny for a multitude of reasons. First, because its Perry. Who does he think he is? Second because he went to TJ. I love TJ to death, but he has 0 pull on this tribe. Thank goodness that TJ told me about it though or else I would've had no idea.

With my newfound knowledge, I actually confronted Perry about what I had heard and he confessed to everything. I basically tried to guilt him and say, why are you doing this to me? What did I ever do to you? Things along those lines. I am just so annoyed with him. He gave me a lot of information. Basically, Isaac is the rat of the tribe who is giving Perry and the other tribe all this information. Basically, Isaac needs to go.

However, because now that the rat is safe, we need another option. And sadly, that option has to be Liam. I love Liam to death but he is still on the wrong side of the numbers, and he can't stay much longer if I am to stay in control. I feel like everything is going to go smoothly, but I've heard TJ, Mikey and Liam from 3 different people so I don't know. I am just really hoping it doesn't turn around to become me.

This season has been hella fun so far. Hopefully I can stick around to the end!


Ahhh I'm enjoying living on a winning tribe *sips coconut*

I love Immunity, it feels amazing!

My alliance with Perry, Zane, Tyler, George and Ted is still going strong, however I don't really like Zane or George at this point, and Perry and Tyler are both too big of a threat to take to the end. I want to team up with Ted at some point, and overthrow this alliance! MWHAHAHAHAH


Is this fate? After having the best challenge score out of everyone in the past two challenges, I'm thrown a challenge that I suck intensely at. Honestly, I doubt I'll be able to pass the mediocre score I'm currently boasting - but maybe this is a good thing. This will give me that chance to go to Tribal Council that I've been itching for, so who knows? I'm not saying that my challenge performance will determine how our tribe does, but all it takes is a few other people to do a little bit worse than some others. Last time the tribes went head-to-head, Askja clocked us. Maybe history's repeating.


So I went to exile for the first time in any ORG so that's something. Askja also voted Julia out so my tribe mates plan of sending Mikey to exile so that they can convince the minority to turn on the majority didn't work. It looks like our next challenge is going to be Donkey Kong, which is good for me because I'm pretty good at that game and I've been at the top of my tribe in the last two challenges in terms so I'm feeling good. I just really don't want to lose because if I don't get voted at this tribal then I've beat my original placement of 16th in Indonesia


Ok so confessional time. We won two challenges in a row. Then Askja took Ian out because me and Perry talked to TJ and TJ made a move to save Julia and take him out. Then myself and Mitchell tried to help Liam out the next tribal by telling him to clique up with Julia, TJ & Issac to take out a stronger competitor but he chose not to listen to us and go with getting Julia out.

Obviously, we can't help him so that Guardians Of Salvation is over for me. If he doesn't wanna listen, then we will find a way to send his ass home. I have no problems with that. What Askja fails to realize is by making the moves they have made, they have isolated Isaac and TJ. It won't be long before a switch comes and one of them flips with will screw Mikey, Trace, Matthew and Liam.

Had Liam listened to me in the first place, he would stay longer but he sealed his own fate ^_^ it's time to start cutting these hoes & I have no problems with taking them out tbh.

Meanwhile, Mikey and Steve went to Exile so I need to talk to Steve to see if he had any luck with the idol. I need to make sure he doesn't give it to Mikey if he found the Askja idol and if he found the Sulur idol, I need to control the person who controls the idol. Hopefully it will work out :)