Day 32

My first post merge confessional. That’s no good. So first off, I HAVE FINALLY MADE THE MERGE! YAY! It has been a long journey up to this point and I can’t believe I made it this far. I firmly put together an alliance known as “The Five” which includes To Be Decided, Steve and Jino. We all have agreed to work together to make the final five. At the first Immunity Challenge, Trace wins. I originally thought the vote was on Eden but it got switched last minute to Mikey, with no one telling me. This is where my trust in TBD started to be a bit skeptical. Rumors started going around about Mitchell having an idol but getting out Trace was more important.

Mitchell ends up winning Immunity, which is great since it’s one of TBD winning. Everyone agrees to vote Trace. Everyone. Then, when the votes are read, Trace pulls out his idol (which he told me about right before the votes were read) and Mitchell switched his vote to Tyler, along with Trace. This sent Tyler packing. It was a huge HUGE blindside. Tyler was probably going to go next but still DAMN. Mitchell wins Immunity again and we finally vote out the super threat Trace. In a crazy twist, Trace was able to give Immunity to someone as Akaleno went back to Tribal Council. He ends up giving me Immunity (which is friggin’ awesome) and I start putting a game changer into play. Mitchell is a huge threat with an idol so I managed to get Eden and Zane to vote with me, along with Steve and Jino. I come up with a plan to have Eden, Zane, and myself vote Mitchell. Jino and Steve are going to vote George. Mitchell and George are going to vote Zane, since he has expressed a desire to leave the game. Mitchell has said he is going to play his idol so it’s going to be tied at 2 each for Zane and George. On the re-vote, Steve, myself, Eden, and Jino will vote George. This will effectively end TBD and my alliance with Mitchell. It has to be done. The two of them are too big of threats to keep around. I’m completely owning up to stabbing them in the back right now but I came to win this game, not come in third. IT’S GAME ON!!!


So there's a rumour going around that Mitchell has the idol, so our alliance (Zane and George) is voting for Jino to avoid the idol having any affect.


Trace being bitter I voted him out? EXPECTED. Trace being extremely bitter about being voted out over someone who asked to be voted out? VERY EXPECTED. Trace assigning someone Individual Immunity instead of getting a Cursed Idol? VERY NOT EXPECTED OH SWEET MOLASSES HELL HATH NO FURY.


WOW. I'll admit it, I TOTALLY did not expect that to happen xDDD I thought, Trace hasn't been to exile, doesn't have idol clues so the chance that he has anything is tiny. Well, look what happened. For the record, Jino put forth the idea of voting Eden and splitting the votes there, and I'm pretty sure he voted Eden as a safety precaution (clearly that didn't work tho xD). But I thought, I'm not all that much of a target individually as I've already been voted most trustworthy and most honest here, Mitchell is immune, TJ seems to be on Trace's good side from the Askja connection, and Jino & Steve are pretty invisible atm, and Zane's been in Tyler's shadow for like FOREVER. That leaves Trace witTrace has 2 options: Eden, the tribe annoyance who I wanted out in 7th, or Tyler, who I wanted out in 8th and was voted the biggest threat by myself and the rest of the tribe, so CLEARLY he must be in some sort of power position (which he wasn't :3) You know what? I'm not all that uncomfortable with either one of them leaving. It basically moves around my preferred ORDER as far as who to go, not actually any of the plans I have going on XDD and it solidifies Jino and all the rest to my group, because Jino & Steve are far less likely to work with Trace than they are with Tyler. I couldn't vote Tyler off yet because that would instill some distrust as far as my non-existent connections w/Trace, but now everyone has a common enemy, even Mitch (though I know he voted Tyler last time). He was very straightforward w/it in our alliance. The thing is, I told him of Tyler's plan to get rid of him, to make sure he knows just how much Tyler needs to go. So, allegedly, when Trace came up to Mitchell and told him about the idol, he told Mitchell to vote Tyler because Trace must have found out that Tyler was going after Mitchell, because we all know, because Tyler told like EVERYONE to vote Mitchell after Trace. So naturally, with a choice of getting Eden or Tyler out, Tyler was logical on an individual level. But, I have to take this story with a grain of salt. Given the small chance that Trace could have found it, another unlikely (but likely given the circumstances) scenario would be that Mitchell gave Trace the idol so he can throw them out Tyler. I don't think that's the case, as Tyler would have gone anyways and Mitchell has no reason to give an idol up like that (especially since it wasted a lot of jury votes on his part unnecessarily). But if it did, I have the same remedy as last time for him XDD that being getting him out 6th place. Though the 5 is all strong atm, I think it's in my interest, Jino's interest, and Steve's interest to get rid of Mitchell in 6th because he might have the idol from those 2 clues, which basically gives him immunity in the final 5 if he has it and doesn't play it. And f6 is a lot less risky than final 4, where at that point, I've already gotten rid of TJ and thus Mitchell, with his MASSIVE challenge skills, will be going after me and more than likely he'll succeed on that if he wins final immunity. In short, yes, I didn't know that was going to happen, but I've put a LOT of effort getting people to be mad at Tyler, and a byproduct of that is him getting all the minority votes in case there's an idol XDDD You see, this is why I NEVER like to be the largest threat in the game. I like to be that guy who can beat about 1/2 of the people, so I'm the better option for the sheep to bring to the final 3 than the people I'm trying to get out, but it never works out for them in the end. I'm that guy who's very nice and just sort of lays back and accepts information, and develops a trustworthy reputation, as was CLEARLY apparent in that immunity challenge. On the subject of TJ & Mitchell, do they trust me? Probably. Do they have a reason to distrust me? No, I haven't lied to them or done anything YET, my game's more subtle than that. Should they distrust me? HELL YEA!!!! I can't beat TJ in the end and it'll be a close race to winning if I'm up against Mitchell, and I don't like competition XDDD The end goal for me is to basically get rid of all the people who can beat me physically and jury-wise, but not too fast to make me the biggest fish around. To a certain extent, it's advantageous to keep around threats, because they're going to go after the threats, not you. As long as there's only 1 of them and they don't win immunity, it'll be fine :3 So things are looking up for me in my opinion, but the game will get REALLY difficult and tumultuous later on, so in the words of my english teacher, Mr. Hernandez, "Get psyched!"


Everything in that last round went off without a hitch. Besides immunity, an Idol, and my target leaving, the votes fell exactly where I knew they would, so for that round, I was in the perfect position of collecting information and using it to my advantage. With The Five still solid and Trace now trusting me without any doubt, I'm pretty good. The only wildcards are Eden and Zane - Trace told me Eden was gunning for me but Eden and I then later agreed to work together (???) and Zane is just irrelevant to me. I tried to talk to the guy and it didn't work. I'm not gonna lose sleep over it.

On the down side, Tyler. He and I formed a very strong and very real friendship in this game and he was extremely upset with me because he thinks I voted for him - which I did. It sucks because, until I either make the end or get voted out, I can't talk to him about it and try to reaffirm our friendship. I'd feel worse if he hadn't been coming after me himself. Don't hate the player for playing the game. P.S. - If George and I lose this reward challenge, I'm losing my shit. My hopes are to win immunity here and at the Final 7 and play my Idol to ensure passage to the Final 5. Ideally, I'd want to win every immunity challenge remaining, but let's be realistic here.


I thought it is Trace who is going home and if its not trace it's Eden

and then I saw tyler Tyler's blindside looks similar like Wojtek's blindside at swiss why because this 2 are really close to me. I didn't know that Trace's idol is real I thought it's a fake one ugh I am scared on what's going to happen next.





Someone from the alliance betrayed and either voted me or tyler.




Day 33

So, I came back to the game after dinner, nervous as all hell, because the thing is, Mitchell voted with Trace before and may/may not have an idol, and a 7-1 vote is just so AWFULLY tempting to just idol all those votes and completely bulldoze a huge threat to Mitchell, one of those being the only guy who's won individual immunity besides him & Trace. That would be me. But no, he didn't take that opportunity, he voted out Trace which I knew was the right decision for him. Anyways, we move into this, and TJ immediately blows up into a fit of strategizing, manipulation and hardcore gameplay, with people he's not in all the best footing with to begin with. I guess he reasons that if he gets out the threats while he's immune, he'll be in a great spot, and by all means, the others should get out myself or Mitchell this round and go along with TJ. But, I don't think that's happening. You see, I got word of this from Steve and Zane immediately, they've been good allies to me for a while. Zane hasn't been on the best of terms, but he promised me that he would stick with me because we were both SOO close with Tyler, boo hoo that Tyler's gone now as I wanted to happen anyways :'( We're both alone now, let's stick together :3 And I think it's worked to advance both of our games, because we have info from different sides of the tribe that we can sort of relay information back and forth through the game. Anyways, those 2 have told me this info: Steve & Jino were told to vote me, while TJ, Zane and Eden were supposed to vote Mitchell, so it would be 3-2-2, and if Mitchell plays the idol, I go home. Naturally, I'm NOT ok with that. So, I basically said to Steve that we need the numbers to take out TJ and Mitchell, and you know I'll have your back for all time and we'll get out TJ & Mitchell next go around, but we need to make sure we solidify a good 4 (because TJ's immune and Mitch may/may not have an idol, so one of the other 5 of us have to go). So, after much deliberation, Steve & I got Zane to get in an alliance with myself, Steve, Jino and him, and we all plan on voting off Eden. So, the plan is, 4 votes Eden, Mitchell votes Zane as was the plan in our original alliance's chat (Steve, Jino, me, TJ and Mitchell), TJ votes for Mitchell and Eden votes for whoever. So 4-1-1-1 or 4-2-1. Then, a massive SHOCKER happens. I kid you not, that aforementioned 5some alliance is talking, having a conversation outside the game, and TJ LITERALLY posts RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE CONVERSATION, "We cannot let either George or Mitchell know." HAHAHAHAHA!!!! xDDDD WAY TO GO, TJ! ^_^ Way to remove EVERY SHRED of trust TJ and Mitchell have between each other, thank you for removing any shred of opposition here. So, Mitchell and I basically talk for the next 3-4 hours, lots of strategy, me consoling him while giving him that extra bit of paranoia to get rid of the idol possibly, because if it's 4-2, and Mitchell/TJ wins immunity, the idol can go to the other and then I'm fucking screwed, so I need him to play that idol. So, we basically solidify that 5 people (myself, Jino, Mitchell, Steve, Zane) are voting Eden off the island, Steve and Zane I trust to do that, Mitchell has no choices and Jino I know will do that because he & Eden have a little tiff going on, like he has with almost EVERYONE >_> xDD Anyways, I'm pretty sure that 5 will vote together, and then Eden votes for whoever, either Jino or Mitchell, TJ votes for either Mitchell or Zane, and it's 5-2 or 5-1-1. Then, after Mitchell and I have solidified our bond from Day 1 of this game, I deliberately move the conversation on to wanting him to be protected because he's TJ's main target. So, we're about to go to sleep, and Mitchell says, what the hell, here's my bro who I'm in trouble with at the same time as him, why can't I reveal this secret? So he's like dude, I have something to confess before I'm off to bed. He confessed that as I had known from bloody AGES ago, he has an idol. But he also said something VERY interesting: that he's considering playing it, for the safety and so it's removed. Basically, I tried my best to remain calm, hold in my laughter XD and just tell him that it's probably best to get rid of the idol, so people aren't paranoid, so it can be just easily removed. GODDAMNIT Mitchell, you don't want your idol to be easily removed xDD you want that thing to be a good little piece of security, in case your bros turn their backs on you, which in my case, I already have made quite a few actions to try to get rid of him. So, I think he's probably going to play it on himself, Eden goes as he would have before, and this makes it SOO much easier for everyone to just relax, get in a nice big group hug, and vote off the two biggest threats in the game, and those are Mitchell and TJ. Then, everyone knows Zane has a BILLION connections to the jury, and I'm a lot closer to Jino and Steve than he is, it seems. Why not get rid of him? :3 Besides, once Mitch is gone, I have a FAR easier ability to win those immunity necklaces, which I have a tendency to do right around the end. In short, when I came back to my computer about 7 hours ago (had to go a few times in between then and now :P ), I was probably going home that night, and I don't think I'm in that much danger tonight after some strategizing and a LOT of smooth talking. The thing is, often in the game of Survivor, the best smooth-talkers, the people who are voted most honest, or most trustworthy, etc. can REALLY put a dent in this game, because they can talk their way out of situations like this. I talked my way out of Hekla's 3-1 majority here, do you think I won't stop here, where most people at least appear to be close to me? Hell no! I'll be fighting to the death here, if I get voted off then that was a REALLY smart decision because since Mitch is playing the idol and TJ is immune, I'm the least trustworthy of the 5 and the largest threat of the 5. I should be going tonight. But, hopefully I can make people feel they need me in the game, for numbers' sake and for loyalty's sake. If I get 7th tonight, you all are smart and I'm REALLY proud of how I played in this, this sort of redemption, showing myself that I'm worth something on the main ORG, is what I wanted from the start. I've redeemed myself and A LOT more over the past 34 days, I just hope I make another 5.


TJ. Bruh. You just posted in our alliance chat that there's something George and I can't find out? I doubt that it's a birthday party or something of that sort. I knew that the tides would turn against me eventually and it looks like you're trying to stir a coo, my friend. There's probably an explanation. You probably meant to send that to Steve. But I've got an Idol and there's a chance I'll play it tonight. Good news for y'all is that I'm a risk-taker, and I'd love to not use it tonight and then use it the next time I lose immunity. This isn't ideal, TJ. You fucked up brah.


So apparently Mitchell was the snake that flipped. Ugh he's so annoying. He tried to send me home twice now.

George, Zane and I have strengthened our Final Three Deal, and now we are hoping to get out Trace, then TJ, and then Mitchell.

Which would leave us with Jino and Steve to follow them, and then the three of us would be in the final three!


Well after Mitchell won his 4th straight immunity challenge Trace came to me and asked me if I wanted to make a big move. But he really needs to work on his salesmanship because his sales pitch to was I should not take out him a huge jury and challenge threat and instead get either Zane or Eden. He said it would be a big move but I don't know what the heck he is talking about, Zane doesn't talk to anyone and Eden annoys everyone so taking out neither of them is a big move. It's the opposite of a big move, it's a dumb move. Then on top of this Zane decides he wants to quit which could possibly ruin The Five's plan of taking out Trace but also gives me less time to take out Mitchell since Trace has got to go before him


Day 34

I don't really know what or who to trust right now. George and I are on the bottom and I trust that this is true, and that we need each other right now because we have to rely on each other. George also wants Jino as a third which is exactly what I want too - I told Jino so long ago I wanted to go to the end with him, and I still do.

I talked to Zane for the first time in a month and he agreed to vote for Eden, but this is following that whole TJ fiasco where he may or may not have thrown George and I under the bus. Could be potentially have just been saying that to solidify his bonds with Jino and Steve? Sure, of course. But that doesn't mean he won't act on it. TJ, my brah, by accident or not, by your intentions or not, you fucked up in this game. You've got two scorned guys who aren't exactly the most forgiving coming after you now. Eden, I've got no words for or about. Steve, I've been working with him this entire time but I can honestly say that I still can't get a real read on him. We've shared Idol clues, we've shared the hunt together, but as of right now I'm still uncertain where he lies or where he's voting. I just really don't know. I told George about the Idol and that I'm going to play it. I told Zane that I just found the Idol now and that I'm going to play it to be rid of it. But am I actually going to do it? I really don't know. I really don't know.


In my opinion, the last few days have been the most tumultuous I've seen so far in this game, and ranks pretty high as far as most crazy time ever XDDD So, I basically decided a few days back: enough is enough. I know TJ has had deals behind my back, I know Mitchell and TJ are close, and I know both of them could beat me in the finals if I go to the end with them, they've played PHENOMENAL games (so far :3), so the question is: when do I strike? Well, I've decided. If this bites me in the ass, then so be it, but after Trace is presumed to go (I said that before but Trace doesn't have an idol anymore, unless he had 2, in which case RIP me xDDDD), it'll be the final 7, and there's Steve, Jino, Eden, Zane, TJ and Mitchell. I honestly believe that of those 6, TJ and Mitchell are the largest threats to me BY FAR, and Steve, Jino, Eden and Zane can be more easily moved around and ultimately beaten, both jury-wise and physically. The thing is, Mitchell has won f**king 4 challenges in a row, and I can't let that continue on. I've heard from Steve that Mitchell has the Bravo idol, and I'm quite scared of that for 2 reasons: 1. if it's true, then he told Steve and not me, 2. he can use this to substitute for an immunity win when he needs to if he has it, 3. he's got a BILLION different connections everywhere so every vote is suspect, 4. it's perfectly logical that he could have it because he spent $1000 on those idol clues (which if anyone will remember, he told me he bidded $10 for the pearls and $980 for that, just a blatant lie that he thinks I'll just overlook). The thing is, if you lie to me once, shows the kind of player you are and I'll remember that XDDD In the words of Sandra Diaz-Twine, "I don't forgive and I don't forget." Anyways xDDD I basically spilled the word out to Jino and Steve, telling them both that TJ and Mitchell tell me they want them out, I don't intend on revealing the whole TBD thing because that'll make it appear like I've been holding secrets behind their backs, just because I most definitely am ^_^ Anyways, I told them, and Steve sounds like he's completely on board XD but typical of Jino, Jino trusted TJ and said to TJ that Mitchell needs to be taken care of. IMMEDIATELY, TJ runs to me and informs me of Jino running his mouth, I'm still unsure on whether he knows my role in this, but I know at the very least that Jino told him that Trace and Mitchell are the biggest threats, so that caused a bit of a stir between TJ & Jino. So later on, I'll milk that, all day, every day towards Jino to get him to turn on TJ & Mitchell xDDD because those two are the two I feel closest to in the game and who I feel I can rely on the most, so I think getting those 2 in my arsenal will be very important moving forward. They're my core atm; the people I give 10% of my info to instead of a mere 5% or 0% XD but anyways, I think Trace is probably going this tribal, and I think that either TJ or Mitchell can easily go depending on the results for that next immunity challenge. It'll be a fun game, even more of this drama is on the money because I have a 2nd confessional I need to send now, but I don't want to have 1 that just takes FOREVER XD so, stay tuned ;DDD


So, I'm sitting around, doing spanish homework while on the computer, and I see Zane has messaged the Akaleno tribe. My first thoughts are, woah! He's usually REALLY busy, so it'll be nice to see where his head is at and talk to him, since he just promised his loyalty to me last night. Anyways, Zane basically messaged the tribe, saying he wants to quit. He said he has too many courses and too much stuff going on to really give it his all in the game, which tbh I've kind of observed xDD his game has been a bit off for a while, quite simply because to get the kind of social game you need to succeed + the busy lifestyle he has, each day would HAVE to be like 30 hours long for him to survive XDDD Anyways, we're all sitting around camp, preparing to send home Trace first and then Zane second. Because honestly, Trace is a FAR larger threat to everyone, Zane can go home later but I need Trace gone first for my own game, Zane can go 7th. When all of the sudden, I hear a whisper from Zane in the chat we've made of the 3 original Perry And The Platypussies alliance: Myself, Eden, Zane. Now, this alliance has been dead for like FOREVER, and I don't know why people still bought into it but apparently Zane must be trusting us to some extent. So, he messages us, and says that he doesn't really want to quit, but he wants to use his previous emotional outburst as revenge on the people who voted Tyler out, because he was Tyler's #1 best bro in the entire game from Day 1 and probably long before then. Anyways, guess who are the two people who voted Tyler? You guessed it! Trace...AND MITCHELL :3 These are the people I have wanted out for like EVER and to see Zane wanting the same thing, allowing us to bond so that I can use him later on maybe AND get his vote now? OOOOOH, Baby! You're about to make a bitch cry out of joy :') But seriously, Eden & Zane have really warmed up to me, and I've began to slowly warm up to them, then feed them spoonfuls of information, then today, the whole shebang: the Mitchell stuff, the TJ incident this morning, basically a good portion of, but not as much of, the info that Jino/Steve get from me. My dream over the next few days is quite simple: get rid of Trace, Mitchell and TJ. Mitchell and TJ are the largest threats in the game and seem to be in the driver's seat atm, and Trace is a HUGE physical threat that almost everyone seems to want out, so I can't have any of those 3 making the top 5 unless something crazy happens. Anyways, my dream final 5 would be: Jino, Steve, Eden, Zane. I think with Zane's clever move today to pretend like he wants to quit, he could take a lot of credit for a Mitchell blindside because in that event, he and I had critical roles but his role is more flashy, and he's got a boatload of connections to the jury, including Perry, Ted and Tyler already. So, I can't let him make the final 3, but as well, I can't let Steve get all that far either because he's the last of that group that has physical strength, and besides Zane, the last who really has his game face on all the time. Basically, my fear is that if it's the final 5 or 4, Steve wins an immunity because he's stronger than he presents himself, he'll take me o0t and just steamroll all of my work right to the end. So, my goal would be basically to solidify things w/Jino specifically as well as Eden, because that is my absolute best case scenario, just that I can beat them extraordinarily easy in the finals in my opinion. Sure, I could work with Jino/Steve or Eden/Steve, or even Zane and any of the other 3 if I work hard at the final speeches. But I think Jino/Eden would be my best case scenario if I can pull it off. So yeah: in case I go home tonight, which idk at this point and I kind of want TC to be over so I can know if I'm going and what-not XDDD Anyways, my preferred boot order is: Trace, Mitchell, TJ, Steve, Zane. Say what you will, but I think working towards that gives me the best shot at a win xDD and I think as long as I find some way to do that, it should be interesting to watch :3