Winners' Alliance
S28 MihaiS28 Amir
S28 SkandiS28 Lukas
Season Generations
Founder Skandi
Members Remained Loyal:
Mihai (Day 3-36)
Amir (Day 3-30)
Skandi (Day 3-15)
Lukas (Day 3-13)
Charley (Day 9-20)
Day Formed Day 3
Enemies Jeremy
Lowest Placing Member Lukas (17/24)
Highest Placing Member Mihai (6/24)

The Winners' Alliance (also named Gayshore) is an alliance of the Old School Tribe Bariq from Survivor: Generations.

The alliance consisted of the winners of Cuba, Egypt and Korea, hence its name. Even though Skandi was not the winner of Switzerland, he was considered by most to be just as big of a threat as the other members. Despite being a powerhouse and dominating the Bariq tribe, the alliance largely failed to work with members of the other two tribes, due to having no pre-existing relationships with any of them. As a result, they quickly became underdogs after the tribes were swapped.



Amir brought up the idea to align himself and Skandi with the winners as early as Day 1, but the alliance was not officially formed until Bariq's first tribal council on Day 3. The winners were afraid of a possible tie due to the other 4 members of Bariq (Jeremy, Blaine, Dallas and Charley) having pre-existing relationships, but the tribe ended up voting Jeremy out unanimously.

At Bariq's next tribal on Day 5, Dallas and the rest of the non-winners attempted to stop the winners, but Skandi would not flip on them, resulting in Dallas' elimination. Before he was voted out, Dallas revealed the alliance to the rest of the cast. Blaine was later voted out by the alliance on Day 8.

Fall of the Winners

Day 9 saw a tribe swap which separated the winners and forced them to form new bonds. However, the joint tribal twist that was in effect between Day 9-17 has brought back the pre-existing relationships in the Middle and New School, making it harder for the Old School to fit in.

Lukas was blindsided on Day 13 by Joan and Jamie, who could not trust him after he revealed their plan to Yap. The duo tried to save Skandi from his own demise the following tribal on Day 15, but Amir suspected their motives and asked Skandi to pass him the idol instead.


Another tribe swap on Day 18 saved Amir and Mihai, who both narrowly made it into the merge after winning an immunity challenge on Day 23. The two believed they could play on both sides and turn the Middle and New School against each other, but the secret cross-tribal alliance led by Ricky had them caught up with nowhere to go. Amir was blindsided on Day 30 with the Bariq idol in his pocket, and Mihai was later voted out on Day 36 after a few failed attempts to get back into the game. The two would play a major role at the final tribal council, giving their votes to Ricky who won the title of Sole Survivor.


  • The alternative name Gayshore comes from the fact that all members of the alliance are LGBT
  • Since original Bariq never won a challenge, the Bariq idol in the possession of the alliance was found without any clues. Skandi was told how to find it by Joan.
  • Charley is the only member of Bariq to outlast members of the alliance