"Women with Fire are Like my Little Sister with Alcohol, Really Dangerous"
Season Survivor: Indonesia
Episode Number 1/15
Episode Chronology
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 Women with Fire are Like my Little Sister with Alcohol, Really Dangerous is the first episode of Survivor: Indonesia.


Immunity Challenge: Elementary Marathon
Winner: Riau, Boalemo and Limboto


Day 1

The nineteenth season of Survivor Wikia started with an intense with tribes being divided by their personalities and how they linked to the elements. Boalemo represented bravery and power, Riau portrayed sympathy, Limboto abnegation contrasted with stealth and finally Tabanan which represented mental strength and dedication.

The Boalemo tribe wearing orange consists of Rex, Jamie, Purry, Allison and James. The Riau tribe wearing blue consists of Sarah, Topaz, Casey, Austin and Tommy. The Limboto tribe wearing lavender consists of Claudia, Rayton, Julian, Dan and Jake. Lastly the Tabanan tribe wearing dark green consisted of Laure, Ugnius, Steve, Lucky and Meek.

For the first time ever a tribe seemed to have female majority and Jamie considered the option of forming an All-Female alliance however she decided to wait before doing so. Meanwhile James also noticed that possibility too and became extremely scared of that happening and also explained how Purry immediately annoyed him. However Alison approached James for an alliance and added Rex to the mix forming the first alliance of the season. Immediately after this Alison was approached by Purry and Jamie forming an All-Female alliance called The Boalemo Girls. However Alison seemed to dislike Purry and was very wary of Jamie.

At the Tabanan tribe Lucky and Steve started bonding but it wasn’t clear if they had an alliance or not. Another remarkable event at the Tabanan tribe was that Ugnius couldn’t be contacted by none of the players or hosts.

At Limboto Julian seemed to want to befriend Claudia and when that happened he offered both Claudia and Jake an alliance. Jake seemed to agree with it however Claudia told Julian she’d think about it not being sure about it.

Meanwhile at Riau everybody seemed to be ignoring the alliance factor of the game and instead enjoying their time with each other sharing details about each of them. Casey revealed she herself was a life guard and both Sarah and Topaz revealed they liked singing; this created a bond between the two of them. The tribe also jokingly established a Narwhals as their mascot.

Before sunset the tribes received treemail hinting the tribes about the immunity challenge that would occur the following day. However none of the tribes managed to fully understand the challenge.

Day 2

The tribes go to their first ever immunity challenge and see that the challenge is divided into four stations, each one representing a different element. They learn that first of all they have to catch enough fish to reach the amount of 500 dollars before moving on. Then the tribes will need to participate in Bird Sanctuary where they had to catch a total of 2 of each bird before moving on. When the second station is completed the hosts will link a puzzle of a fern where the tribes have to complete it before moving to the final station. When they do this they will take in the Survivor classic: Quest for Fire where the first three tribes to complete it will be safe from tribal council.

Boalemo and Riau start head to head with both of them quickly completing the fishing flash game, however Boalemo managed to pass Riau during the Bird Sanctuary reaching the puzzle before Riau. There Boalemo had an extremely rough time just as Limboto started the challenge. When Boalemo finished the puzzle Riau immediately reached the Puzzle where Sarah managed to beat it in less than ten minutes, they moved on and started the Quest for Fire quickly managing to be head to head with Boalemo. Meanwhile Limboto reached the puzzle and Tabanan started a challenge with a late start of over six hours and struggled due to the poor communication between the tribe mates and their general weakness.

Riau managed to get all their members to pass the torch ensuring them an extremely close first place Boalemo placing second with an extremely pissed off Alison who started cursing at the tribe mates that didn’t get on time. Limboto reached the Quest for Fire but didn’t have all their members forcing them to wait. Meanwhile Tabanan managed to pull a comeback and reached the torches. However Ugnius was still nowhere to be found by the hosts or players making Limboto place first and giving Tabanan the honour of being the first tribe of Survivor: Indonesia to attend to Tribal Council.

Riau was given the task of exiling somebody and they chose Laure due to her strong personality and what appeared to be a poor performance at the challenge. Then Laure was asked to pick somebody from any of the other tribes to go with her to exile and she chose Claudia.

At exile Claudia and Laure didn’t communicate much with each other and Laure didn’t even try to find the idol by given answers that were not even close to right. Meanwhile Claudia contacted Jake and asked him to help her with the idol. Jake decided to give her wrong answers as he himself solved the clues but kept the answers secret until he went to exile. Claudia tried Jake’s answers and was told she was wrong. 

Day 3

The following day Claudia and Laure went back to their tribes. Laure at Tabanan was greeted by Ugnius who finally got contacted by the hosts. Ugnius explained that he wasn’t aware of the season happening however his tribe mates seemed to not care. Laure was pulled to a side by Steve and Lucky where she was offered and alliance. She agreed and the three of them formed The Tabanan Trio. The three of them intended to vote out Ugnius.

Laure decided to try and have some fun herself and pretended to create an alliance with the other four tribe members in the tribe chat with the objective of voting out the person who ahd the most vows in his or her name, she then changed the strategy into voting one of the hosts, Joan. Ugnius initially believed this but Laure's nerves were tested and she told him he was going home in annoyance, this started a fight with her where the two started insulting each other until tribal. At tribal council Ugnius was asked what he thought about his tribe mates and openly stated they were mean to him. Once again a fight between Laure and Ugnius sparked. Before voting Lucky told Ugnius that the only way to save his own skin was to vote for Meek. Lucky did this to make sure his alliance didn’t receive any votes for as long as possible. At the end Ugnius was voted out with all his tribe mates’ votes casted against him.

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 1:
Ugnius (4 votes)
Lucky AS@Laure
Meek, Steve, Lucky & Laure
Meek(1 vote)

Voting Confessionals

Final Words

Still In The Running



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