Day 24

So, my plans get screwed up again. This is why its important that I have many plans. I got a Plan A, B, C, and D.. probably more. No need to go through them all.

So even if Jossue who I wanted to go to the end with is gone, I still have everyone else in the game to work with.

Aaron offered me a final 3 with him and Aly. It’s tempting to go down that road, simply for the reason that it’s the easiest road. The problem is however that I do not trust Aaron and Aly at all, he might just be saying it to keep me tight after I was openly worried about going to rocks last time and talked about voting Jesse to avoid rocks. I figured it was the best way to go with them, just be honest with Aaron.

Unless Jessy and I are going to flip back and forth between the sides, I need to cut one side loose. The problem is that I am quite deep into strategy etc. with both sides. The fact that I have gotten this far without people knowing how hard I am playing both sides is incredible. My worry is now that once I do something that screws one side up… How freaking mad will people be at me? Playing both sides is risky business and even though I have been doing well so far, I could end up getting caught and that would destroy everything for me.

Who can I trust more? Ryan or Aaron? I feel like Ryan is a better person in every way, but I can probably not beat him in the final. Aaron can be beaten as he is not very popular and his gameplay is not that exciting.

I need to make a decision before next tribal council as to how I’m gonna keep playing this game.


Oh man the rock drawings worked! Jossue is gone and we have the numbers baby! Although i dont know why Jossue called me scum, I was always very polite to TJ, I very much respected him and he was always polite to me. Oh well it doesnt matter! I'll be awaiting his jury question. I can't believe it, we actually have control. Im seriously gonna start crying its so damn beautiful.


So I survived the tribal council but learned than I have made some enemies which is fine by me because I just won the battle with Nick and looking for a new sparring partner. So it looks like Aaron and I are going to eventually go at. Right now I'm playing dumb trying to make him think that I don't that he that voted for Ryan and I. But I want to take him done for sure.


So the alliance now has majority and it all came down to rocks making it happen. We've got a kick ass alliance for these guys to risk themselves in order to go to rocks. In the end, it was a total gamble. Whichever side lost is going to be systematically voted off. We stayed gangsta and now Jossue is gone. I couldn't be happier with a group of people willing to put it out there like that.

Prepare to see Me, Alf, Aaron, Jody, and Aly start taking out everyone else. They should be worried. If they doubted our loyalty to each other, they now know that we are definitely in this to win!


Well well well... looks like it's 4-4 with little ole me in the middle. Honestly it couldn't have been more perfect who went home. (Sorry Jossue :L) If I stay with my Huanca and Alf allaince, essy, Nat, and Ryan will still think it's me voting with them because I convinced them Domca switched over to them and not me :) So even if either three of them go next, they will still think I'm with them. YASS Like I am in the best position ever. And if they somehow have an idol and play it, they won't vote me they'll vote someone else.


I shared my clue to the hidden immunity idol with my aliance, Aly, Alf, Jesse, and Jody. I don't see the point in keeping it to myself and besides we need to keep it out of the hands of Natalie who already has one, Ryan, Jessy, and Domca.


So Jossue is gone, victim of the second rock draw of the season. It's so f-ing frustrating playing with these kids. How hard is it to see that there is a clear block of 4 that needs to be broken? Switching to give them the majority is the dumbest move, it puts whomever switched in a worse position. How can they not see that?

The only person I can trust at this moment is Nat. Alf has said numerous times that Aaron and Aly are a pair. Nat is starting to believe that more and more. But I've not been given any indication from Aly that this is true. We need to somehow change things up. The idol will be used soon. Best case, Nat or myself wins immunity and we use the idol on the other person, and vote Aaron's ass right out. I will probably tell Aly last minute, I'm not ready to give up on that alliance yet.

I'm trying to figure out how to get a throwaway vote on Alf from Aly or Aaron. But at the most basic level, I just want to make sure my name isn't going to come up. An unlikely happening, since Huancas seem hellbent on getting out old Ocaina. I just wish Domca was a little more reliable/personable/able to talk in real time, but she probably wouldn't go with me anyway.

I can't believe how quickly my game is deteriorating. I guess being seen as a threat is a compliment, but I'm not ready to leave yet.


I’m a bit amused.

Domca shared her idol clue from her RI return with Nick and he shared it with me. Aaron won the immunity challenge and shared his clue with the whole Huanca alliance including me. This means I got 2 clues without having to do anything to get them. I did not even ask for them, people just gave them to me.

Now... If Jossue could give me his RI clue, I would probably be able to find the idol one of the next days. But I suspect he might give it to Ryan.


Jossue did give his clue to Ryan. But Ryan shared his clue with me! This means I got 3 clues without asking for them or doing anything to get them xD

With this third clue, I am down to 11 potential sequences that might be the idol. I hope I find it! I feel myself getting closer and closer to finding it.


Day 25

Well, a big immunity challenge just concluded, and yet I again, I come away empty, and somehow Aaron's google image of a sunset with our names on it is the winning flag. But that's just loser's remorse. Being as unsure of Domca as I am that she will vote with us, and as Alf is as stable as a teeter totter (based on the last vote) my new plan is to "turn" on the alliance. Burying the hatchet with Aaron was step one. Telling him I'm ready to make a bold move that will further myself and alienate me from my group, step 2. Sell him on me turning makes me the perfect goat to take to the end because 3 people will be pissed and won't vote for me, step 3. Step 4, tell him the only way to prove I'm serious is to give him the "immunity" idol, the one that I made while taking a shit one day, and in the process get his clue to the hidden Achilnos idol. Step 5, vote his ass out, or at least his number 2. I don't know if he believes me, but I'm ready to play my idol if need be. The new plan is that Aly is going home. She's been playing me, Nat, Jessy and Alf have told me this, and my conversation with Aaron confirmed that she has been a pair with Aaron since the beginning, since I offered up my vote to him as a mercenary, he suggested Aly would be good for the final 3. That's all I need. I'm done with her, she's out. The Huancas are about to be Pagonged out of here. It just figures that the plan hinges on the one person still in the game that no one has really talked with, and is as close to an inactive as you can get. I guess we reap what we sow, and since no one could beat her at RI, it's the bed we have to lie in. If this doesn't work, Nat might be going home. I'm keeping up appearances with both sides right now, but I have a feeling that one group is going to be shocked at the end of tribal council one way or the other. Aaron is saying Nat for sure, Aly is saying that they are telling her Jessy, but she is probably telling me what they want us to hear. The trump card to get Domca on board will be that Aly really disliked Nick, and Nick was Domca's number 1 ally. Alf suggested Aly to Natalie, but didn't know if I would be in, because up until today, I thought that I could trust Aly. But Aaron was also suggesting to Natalie that he wants Jody out, maybe they are trying to shift votes to Jody because they are testing how much Natalie trusts Aaron. Bottom line is I'm ready to straight merc somebody up in here before they get me. Aaron is going to have keep winning IC's, because he is gone the first chance we get. I just hope he plays the fake idol when we take him out. Apreesh!


I am not voting Jessy out, she is the person closest to me in the game, so if the Huancas dont change it to Ryan, I wont vote with them. I could take the easy road to the final, be Aaron’s lapdog, but that wont win me the game.

Natalie have opened up so much more to me, she said that Aly is torn between Ryan and Aaron, its not Aaron and Ryan together.. its Ryan and Aaron pulling Aly in both directions. She also voiced some concerns about Ryan’s plans with both Aly and Domca, is she gravitating more towards me than I thought?

I really want Ryan to leave the game now, I also want to find the idol so that I can really take control over the game.

If I find the idol, I will consider really hard to take Ryan out for sure. There would be 5 votes and #BLINDSIDE.

Then next round 4-4 as I don’t want to go to the end as a Huanca sheep, if I got the idol I would use it then to shield Natalie, Jessy or Domca and form the final 4 of the game. Jessy is loyal to me and Natalie would probably still be with me even if Ryan left. Domca is whatever, she is fine.

But I need the idol first, so I probably shouldn’t be planning ahead like this too much. Its just kind of my dream scenario after the last two tribal councils failed.

I believe I managed to convince Aaron to target Ryan.


What I am doing in the vote tomorow depends entirely on me finding the idol or not. At least it will make my decission easier.

I am down to 8 possible sequenses unless someone gave me a fake clue. So one in eight shot at finding the idol is pretty good. Especially since I might be able to make two or three if lucky guesses before tribal council. The odds of me finding it just keep getting better.

But how the heck did Aaron win with that flag? xD I mean, I have seen Ryan's flag and that one is freaking awesome. Aaron's looks more like an ugly card that someone might send when on vacation xD Everyone else actually made flags xD Ryan seemed annoyed as he worked really hard, downloaded fonts and spent a long time working on his. But what can ya do. There have been a bit too many challenges focusing on judges opinions, which really is exactly that, opinions. I want a game where I can score points and have a shot at winning.


Day 26

Oh boy don't I have a plan up my sleeve. >:) So as we all know, I am playing both sides. Both sides think I'm with them, which is perfect and both sides think Domca isn't with them which is perfect. I have recently caught word that Alf has been playing both sides, which I don't like. Even though he is one of the few people in this cast with a personality, he is playing too similar to me. So my plan was to tell Ryan who Alf, Aaron, Jody, and Jesse are planing on voting, which is Jessy. After I put that bug in his ear, he asked who the four people thinking of voting Jessy were, so I said Alf, Aaron, Jody, and Jesse, with Domca voting with them of course ;) He then reacted like "what? Alf is with them?" I was like yeah he's playing both sides! So I was like, "if we get Domca we may have the vote" But of course Domca already is with them so she will vote however she is told. So if they have an idol, they will play it on Jessy, and it will be 5-4 with all the Jessy votes being voided, then I can say "damn Domca didn't vote with us she is still with him" but really it was me who voted Jessy. And shame on him if he has an idol and doesn't play it on her. It would be a stupid move.

So to be honest my position in this game is GOLDEN. Both sides think I'm with them, both sides think I'm just voting how they say so I'm seen as a floater and a non-threat, and it looks like the person I want gone will go (IF THEY GET SMART AND VOID JESSY)


Interesting couple of days its been, Ryan comes up to me and tells me he wants to flip and to guarantee he's with us, he gives me his immunity idol. Now, I don't know if it's a real idol or not, so I'm going to play it safe and tell Ryan we are voting Natalie. Little does he know that isn't the plan at all.


Natalie approached me and told me that Aly had really put her foot in her mouth with Ryan. Apparently she "clammed up" when he suggested voting out a Huanca and it got him suspicious. Then she suggested voting me out (which is a first, damn you Aly, I want no votes cast against me ever) and now he apparently wants to vote Aly out.

So unless Natalie is trying to play me big time, Aly might be the one to go. The Huancas are voting Jessy, so I'm not voting with them.

How perfect wouldnt that be? I cant take Ryan down, but at least his future potential game partner could go. Aly is Aaron's main partner right now, so with her gone, I am in a much better position.

Now gimme my idol, I wanna find it.


It truly is not Survivor if a couple of idiots do not make your game much harder than it needs to be. That someone is Aly. She clearly told the other side (with fewer numbers) that she wanted Alf out. Obviously that news spreads to Alf quickly, and her name is out there. Of course Alf switches sides for the vote, and now it is a tie. I would not be surprised if we pulled rocks for a third time. It is totally inconvenient. I would hate to get out this late in the game because of rocks. Best case scenario, both Domca is disqualified and someone like Natalie or Ryan picks the odd rock.

It's crazy how confident I was on making the final three, but now I am not so sure. Alf is in my alliance, but he really needs to go. He has allies on both sides, and if he makes the final three, he will win this game without a doubt. I only really trust Aaron and Jesse. If Huanca can win this game, I would be elated. I'm all over the place nwo, but this game is beyond unpredictable. I always have a few tricks up my sleeve, so hopefully it won't be my name written down anytime soon!


well this sucks. Not only did I screw my chances but I screwed Aaron's, Jody's, and Jesse's. My back is up against the wall and I offered Domca my "idol" if she voted Jessy. I can only hope she google translates it in time before Ryan gets to her.


Well why cant any vote end up going the way it’s supposed to!? WHY! ?WHYYYYYY!? NOT EVEN ONCE HAS IT HAPPENED!

Damnit Domca!

Aaron was surprised to hear how Aly had been throwing me under the buss and then he is like “don’t worry, I still want to work with you, nothing has changed” Aaron is a sweet talker and he is good at saying what needs to be said. His best shot is if he manages to get me back onto his side.

Damn Domca vote Aly out, I don’t want to go to rocks again! 2 times is more than enough, 3 times is just getting old. Plus my own chances in a rock draw is not getting better the less people we got here.

I’m trying to save face as much as possible with Aaron, if he forgives me for this then what the hell? Seriusly dude, what the hell? I am against you! I want to tell him so bad, I’m starting to feel so bad about lying to him about being on his side and now that I did this, its just getting ridiculous! Like omg, be mad at me, yell at me, that’s what I want him to do, he has good reason to. But he is annoyed with Aly too, which he also has good reason to since she spent so much time doing shit last night that he apparently didn’t even know about.


I am so pissed of at Domca for voting Jessy. Give Aaron the game win why dont you!?

Who is she and why the hell is she here? Can we please have a replacement? Someone who I can actually work with and communicate with? Because I am pissed off while trying to kiss her ass right now, its not fun, its no something I enjoy doing, I would rather enjoy not talking to her at all, but nope, to make sure next round we get ANOTHER FUCKING TIE! I need to lick her nasty butt. Because that girl gotta be kept close. I will now talk to her every time I see her, I will become her best friend and then when I dont need her, I'll throw her away.

Domca is useless and annoying and just ARGH.

I am writing this while angry if you havent noticed, I apologice if any offense is taken by those who are reading this, wether its the hosts or people from my season or Domca herself one day. I just needed to get it out.


I’m sharing Domca and Aaron’s idol clues with Ryan and Natalie. We are going to really get this done now. Instead of me getting 2 wrong sequences every day, we can narrow it down to removing 6 in total every day and use it to take control next time. We are really working hard now. This game is not over.

I also told Aaron that I told Domca it would be smarter to vote out Jessy, which is a lie. Domca voted Jessy because of Aaron. Hopefully I can avoid being the target next round and hopefully to make him share who the target is so we can stop it with the idol we are GOING TO FIND.