Svalbard Wouter
Contestant Profile

Survivor: Svalbard

Tribe(s) Barentsz
► Bassøe
Isbjørnen Mat
Placement 9/16
Challenge(s) Won 4
Vote(s) Against 4
Day(s) Lasted 24

woutervdc, also known as "Wouter", is a contestant from Survivor: Svalbard.


Name(Age): Wouter Vande Cauter (24)
Tribe Designation: Barentz
Current Residence: Vissenaken, Belgium
Personal Claim Of Fame: Spending much time at volunteerswork especially in the youthclub of my village where I organised activities and camps for 6 to 9 years old (8 years) and now for 16 years and older (2 years)
Inspiration in Life: As a person: Nelson Mandela. As a statement: The only failure that exists is not trying.
Hobbies: Youthclub of my village, table tennis, reading,...
3 Words To Describe You: Fun, Crazy, Sensitive
If you could have 3 things on an island what would they be and why? A notebook with pen clipped on, so I can make notes to collect the memories and a flint because it's something useful.
Survivor Contestant you are Most Like: Ethan Zohn, we share the same hairstyle and on a personal level, I believe he's a nice guy and I love what he did with his money.
Reason for being on Survivor: I just love the game. 
Why do you think will be Sole Survivor: I hope to maintain good relations and I hope to win some challenges.

Survivor: Svalbard

Voting History

Bas's Voting History
Episode Wouter's
Voted Against
1 Barentsz Tribe Immune
2 Eva -
3 Aren -
4 Barentsz Tribe Immune
5 Thomas -
6 Brett -
7 Marco -
8 Thomas Brett, Johnny,
Rhiannon, Tatianna
Voted Off, Day 24
Voted for
Sole Survivor