Tribe Profile
Season Heroes vs. Villains
Namesake The Taoist concept of "yang"
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Rival Tribe(s) Yin
Tribe Status Merged with Yin Day 23
Challenge Wins 8
Lowest Placing Member Richie-Bean (22/22)
Highest Placing Member LukePrower (Runner-Up)

Flag unavailable.


Insignia unavailable.


Yang Buff

Yang (also known informally as the Heroes) is one of the two starting tribes in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Their tribe color is black.


  • » JessyPop - Also known as "Jessy", from Survivor: Peru, and finished in 8th place. Remembered for her cheerful and supportive personality, as well as her rivalry with Nick.
  • » Leelong2012 - Also known as "Natalie", Runner-Up from Survivor: Peru. Remembered for her silent and loyal gameplay that allowed her to reach Final Tribal Council.
  • » LukePrower - Also known as "Luke", the winner of Survivor: Papua New Guinea. Known for being targeted early and attending almost every Tribal Council and surviving due to his friendly personality.
  • » Richie-Bean - Also known as "Richie", from Survivor: Anarchy, and finished in 12th place. Remembered for his strong social game and loyalty to his alliance, but being an early outcast due to being a member of the International League.
  • » Sami171 - Also known as "Sam", the winner of Survivor: Madagascar. Known for her likability that allowed her to win the game against power player Jay, despite starting the game in the minority.
  • »»» SoleSurvivor - Also known as "Sole", from Survivor: Hawaii, finishing 4th, Survivor: Cuba, finishing 20th, and Survivor: All-Stars, and finished 10th. Remembered for being in the minority alliance, but remaining in the game due to his challenge strength, forcing the majority to turn on each other. However, his performance caused him to be targeted in subsequent seasons.
  • » TheAspie - Also known as "Noah", from Survivor: Anarchy, and finished in 5th place. Known for opposing the villainous Drewby alliance and his strong social game. He is best remembered for being stripped of Immunity in the final five, directly resulting in him being voted out, causing much controversy among fans, hosts and players alike.
  • » Tophermcf - Also known as "Topher", from Survivor: Turkey, finishing in 3rd place. Known for his friendly and caring attitude toward his competitors and for his strong, yet under-the-radar style of gameplay which made him a strong threat to win as the end of the game neared.
  • »» VanityEgo - Also known as "Andrei", from Survivor: Papua New Guinea and Survivor: All-Stars, finishing 5th in both. Remembered for his physical strength and winning streak in his original season, until his allies turned on him. Also remembered for his emotional Jury speech in All-Stars.
  • »» Baileyvogt - Also known as "Bailey", from Survivor: Egypt, finishing 11th, and Survivor: Revival, and finished 13th place. Remembered for his social strength and leadership of his tribe and alliance, until The Pancake Crew flipped and voted him out. Also known for his humorous personality.
  • » Wesolini - Also known as "Wesley", from Survivor: Nepal, and finished in 8th place. Mostly remembered for leading his tribe through the pre-merge and being seen as a threat at the merge, where his allies turned on him and voting him out while in possession of a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Tribe History

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  • Yin and Yang are the largest starting tribes beginning with eleven members apiece.
    • They are also the second and third tribes to have more than ten people on a starting tribe, the first being the post-mutiny Anubis.