Tribe Profile
Season Heroes vs. Villains
Namesake The Taoist concept of "yin"
Tribe Type Starting tribe
Rival Tribe(s) Yang
Tribe Status Merged with Yang Day 23
Challenge Wins 6
Lowest Placing Member Joshjosh123 (21/22)
Highest Placing Member Adambongo (Winner)

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Yin Buff

Yin (also known informally as the Villains) is one of the two starting tribes in Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains. Their tribe color is white.


  • »» Adambongo - also known as "Adam", from Polynesia and All-Stars, he is known for his physical strength in challenges and his strong social game that allowed him to go far in both seasons.
  • »» Alejandro Reyes - also known as "Alejandro", from Korea and All-Stars, he is known for making multiple alliances that allowed him to take control of merge, but being blindsided by the use of three hidden immunity idols.
  • » Alygoddess- also known as "Alexandra", from Peru, she is known for being willing to turn on any of her allies, but being eliminated by a purple rock.
  • »» Angrist86 - also known as "Uli", from Papua New Guinea and All-Stars, he is known for his arrogant and cocky attitude, which made him disliked by other contestants in his seasons.
  • » District3 - also known as "Joan", from Côte d’Ivoire, he is known for his sassy confessionals and rivalry with Cote winner Mike.
  • »» Eddie786™ - also known as "Eddie", from Korea and Madagascar, he is known for being targeted early in Korea after a counter alliance was made. He returned for Madagascar where he was known for his use of GIF's and rivalry with fellow contestant Sergiu.
  • »» Joshjosh123 - also known as "Joshie", from Egypt and Revival, is mainly known for his outspoken nature and infamous jury speeches.
  • » MiguelLopez^2 - also known as "Miguel", from Turkey he was known among his fellow competitors on his original season for his outwardly kind personality and strength in challenges, while all the while he discreetly manipulated them to meet his goals.
  • » Oddity013 - also known as "Jerby", from Anarchy, he is known for creating a lasting alliance with Drew and his strong social game.
  • » TylerShay - also known as "Nokomis", from Anarchy, he is best remembered for his selfish attitude, harsh confessionals about other contestants, and the infamous roast video about his fellow castaways.
  • » WoodysRoundup - also known as "Bartley", from Turkey known for making a bold move against Ian by playing his Hidden Immunity Idol on the inactive Kara which ultimately sent Ian home and for playing what was considered by the Jury a very deceitful game of lying and betraying his allies which ultimately cost him the game.

Tribe History

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  • Yin and Yang are the largest starting tribes beginning with eleven members apiece.
    • They are also the second and third tribes to have more than ten people on a starting tribe, the first being the post-mutiny Anubis.
  • Yin has the shortest name of any tribe being only three characters long.