Day 23

Norbert got unanimously voted out. Poor kid. Norbert and I are buddies (Filipinos represent) but I gotta be honest here, I am rooting for Topaz to return from Redemption Colosseum. I mean, the whole Nuno vs Topaz thing should make for a good ORG TV. And I can sense the animosity of these two exchanging gifs, a video and whatnot. If they fight, it will put the target away from my back.

It is challenge time: HORROR STORY WRITING! I really had lots of concepts. I have good horror stories and creative ideas when I saw the challenge. Like what Ricky told me, this is an easy challenge. But it all boils down to tribe cooperation and creativity which the other tribe proved several challenges ago. So when some of my tribe mates expressed they wanted to sit out or remarked like it is not a big deal, or not their cup of tea, I just shut my mouth and work in whatever angle they want to work with. And Brittany chose...Cinderella. Lovely. Except her chapter does not have anything scary into it. So I followed it up with my chapter where I started the spooky aspect of the story. Hours passed...and now, it is 40 minutes before deadline, we are still not finished because Koror and Josh were nowhere to be found. Come to think of it, I would actually like to purposely lose in this challenge. One, the tribe is not that cohesive in creative challenges and either some are disinterested or having lack of inputs. Two, I think that Katie or Sora is in danger in the other tribe if they lose. I think Nuno is very tight with Ethan and Grace, that he might choose them over the Favorites. And I can't let that happen. I need to break up that trio whenever I can. Ricky already messaged me he wants Josh gone. I am just not sure if Jamie will go along with it. Well, if she does not, I still have and can try to convince my two girls - Brittany and Domonique who I plan to be close to as well. They can put the final nail in the coffin for Josh. I am just not comfortable in Jamie and Josh being close. Because Josh and I are not talking, so it only works in Jamie's favor. I can not afford to have a wildcard like that especially when we merge, should we merge, and I hope we merge after this.


I am sooooo happy, I just jumped already in my house OMG. I love writing, especially writing horror stories. My last challenge was a writing challenge (no offense, I sucked). I just am much more glad that if I go out it is doing a challenge I love.


Dennis, little bitch, literally reminda me of the Evil Queen of Snow White. It's like, we have this old, overrated, outdated, ugly ass person who is trying to keep herself in touch and popular. However, she is jealous of the hottest girl in town, who all the guys wanna bang, who charms hearts, little Miss Snow White (your lovely protagonist me). So, because she can't be like Snow White since her time is PASSSSSED, she wants her hunter (Norbert!!!!!) to take her heart. However, the hunter, guided by Snow White's good looks, nice voice, neat smell, and lovely features, is a weak flop, and can't even take her heart away, because Snow White manipulates him into losing. Hearing this, The Evil Queen is pissed, because all her attempts at trying to take out the amazing Snow White fail, however, she thinks she has a final plan that might just work, an apple, as bitter and bad tasting as their sense of humor (his video!!!!). After the beautiful Snow White has a taste of the Queen's disgusting apple, she falls into eternal sleep, and the Queen thinks she won. However, this is the moment Snow White proves to be a fierce independent strong woman, and wakes up from her slumber like if it were a nap, and dethrones the evil queen. Sweetie, you don't mess with Snow White, you're just another irrelevant dwarf.


We finally won a challenge! It feels so good to not have to go to tribal time after time. I am really curious of how Titus's tribal will end up. However I would be surprised if it were anyone other than Koror. He did cost them the challenge.


It feels nice not to go to tribal. WISH I HAD DONE IT MORE OFTEN. Certainly, the first key to playing a good winning game is being on a winning tribe and not having to betray people. I guarantee you if my tribes were better, I WOULD BE IN A MUCH BETTER SPOT NOW. But, hopefully we merge soon, so it really is game on. And for that, WEEHA


Time to get to work & be fake.

Not looking forward to this .. . . I mean at least I have an excuse to get Koror out I swear to god people better vote someone out BASED ON MERGE BEING REALLY SOON


Interesting just like last time. Josh s the first person who talked to me, and he wants Koror gone. Everybody also feel the same way. So Ricky and I just need to go along with it. But i made sure to notify Ricky of how close Jamie and Josh are. At one point we need to break that duo so Jamie would have no other options but us.

Speaking of which...JAMIE FOUND THE HIDDEN IMMUNITY IDOL. I was about to guess Cao Boi ages ago, I just changed my mind. Omfg. Well good thing is she said 'What are WE going to do with it?' WE..WE..WE.. It's like music to my ears. Jamie is getting paranoid that one of us will be blindsided this tribal. Jamie is ALWAYS paranoid. Lol. I had to always steer her in the right focus. It should be Koror tonight... Him missing the challenge made things so easy for us.


So I found the idol! Me and Ivan have been hunting for it since we arrived, and having got 4 clues, I finally guessed correctly. I’m so happy to have it going into the merge and hopefully it can be used correctly and for a huge move or blindside.

From what I’ve heard Koror is going. That doesn’t really make sense to me, unless the fans on my tribe believe that I can flip Sora (I mean, I did fake a convo to make them think that) and that voting Koror keeps me, Ivan and Josh loyal. That’s the only realistic way they’d do it, along with the fact that he flopped at our most recent challenge. Anyway, if Ricky, Brittany and Domonique are voting Koror, I thought that me, Ivan and Josh could vote Brittany (Koror votes Josh), making it 3-3-1. On the revote, Brittany would go home 3-2 and we could get rid of the fans idol (assuming Brittany has it, but that’s the consensus right now). I set the plan into motion, Ivan is down for it, and Josh comes along and screws it up by voting before he reads people’s messages. I was so ready to blindside someone but nope, I guess not this TC. I’m honestly so disappointed, I want to create chaos but whenever I’ve attempted to do so, someone or something has prevented it. I mean I guess I have an idol so I can’t complain too much lmao, but first Ivan randomly voting and now Josh, it’s so annoying. So I guess I’m going with the majority and voting Koror (if the fans aren’t lying to me, which is a possibility). I’m kinda bored so if I survive and merge is next then people better be prepared for an eventful merge, since every time I’ve wanted to blindside someone pre-merge, it’s been screwed up by someone else. But honestly I won’t even be shocked if I’m voted out at TC, loads of people have been shady about this vote and it’s brought up a lot of red flags.