Day 37

Let's go over how I got here, just so you have somethings for the confessionals.

Controlled my Tuamotu from the beginning, got Val to flip, took out Aaron to give us actual numbers, went through the Rapa Nui's left, took out the bad Tuamotu's, and was down to us 5.

Of course, I had the idol, but I had to ensure Val was with us. She clearly wasn't, and they wanted Ted out. So, I was considering idoling Ted. I just thought about the stupidity, why would the 3 of them all tell me they're voting Ted, yet, not show me proof. Are you that naive? Or do you just think I am?

The Bob elimination will be the sweetest thus far, but if I take Jay out it'll top the cake.

Val - You really suck at this game, you've flipped and just jumped on our backs to get this far. Then, you try and betray me, the person who's the reason you're here. You'll be considered a terrible finalist, and no one will respect you. The only move you try to make...FAILS.

Jay - You aren't a great player at all, Jay. Just because you've survived this far, means nothing. If you played your idol at F9, now that would've tied the numbers up. Now, you've literally lost EVERYONE in your alliance, which was decimated. That's not a strong player at all, and you've voted ONE person out since Mitchell.

Thad - Good, good player. Stayed loyal, just gets ahead of himself. I'm confident I can beat him but he's a really good guy. Deserves to be here.

Bob - Sorry, you were just too weak-minded sometimes, I give you credit for working hard and trying to take me out though. You really weren't as quiet as we all thought and you came to fucking play. Just too late.

I need to win F4. Or I'm FUCKED.


Jay and Val are planning on voting on Adam if he loses the challenge. I already have a deal with Jay that if Adam wins Val is gone, so I feel that no matter what happens I will make it past this week to the finals. Now i just have to think of a plan to impress the jury and possibly claim the title as soul survivor.


Day 38

Day 39

FINAL FRICKEN THREE, HOLY CRAP. I thought for sure I would lose against Jay, now i just gotta hope i get some votes