These were the confessionals said in this episode

Day 19

So the merge went as expected. The people who play way to fast and way to hard made some dumb mistakes. The "Revenge Bus" alliance needs chill the fuck out. Luis is gone accept it. If I have any say in this next vote The grieving Liam or the two faced Connor will be gone


this is all I have to say about the people on this tribe (besides Ari)

– Forrest

love this game so much. Cosmo blindsided Luis and this is PERFECT for me. Because it whips all the targets off my back that Ari and Forrest created when they tried to throw challenges to get me out. Everyone wants to get Cosmo out to avenge Luis. But Cosmo leaving is not the plan. that is my f2. He may have a big head but at least he's smart. I can play into this perfectly. Liam created this huge alliance to get Cosmo out. Now that's good let Cosmo be on the for front of everyones mind. However I talked to Liam and pretty much convinced him a better way of avenging Luis. (it was easy just play into his ego) I said use Cosmo as a sheild. As long as he's in the Game, you and i are safe. as soon as he goes boom we might be the next target. we need to use Cosmo up and throw him to the side when we dont need him anymore (like He did to Luis). In so I got some info that works out perfectly for cosmo asa and I. he told me he wants to target andy and chris first then conor and allion. all i have to do is tell cosmo and he'll do the dirty work for me. we'll create a 7 person strong bonf of Allison, Conor, Andy, Chris, Asa, Myself and cosmo and use that to take out liam, Ari and Forrest. I also really like the f4 allaince i have with Andy, chris and Cosmo I can use that very well. All i care about is gettig to the end with Asa and Cosmo I could care less about anything else. This will be a mess but Evil Mikey is here


==day 20==
the merge has been insane I feel so overwhelmed. everyone trusts me or is at least pretending to trust me I've been added to a billion alliances. the target has flipped so many times this is just so messy. I'm getting all caught up and I don't want to be a rat so I think I need to just sit back, stop strategizing for a little while and let it all happen. At this point I honestly only trust Ari. Andy has loose lips and Chris for some reason trusts Connor now I don't like it!


Day 21

Real talk Liam, I have no idea why or how you’re so involved in the ORG community when you’re incredibly bad at the game. Unless you harbor masochistic tendencies and enjoy losing, you should probably quit playing them, cause I don’t see how you will ever win one with your mongoloid IQ plays and approach to the game. I loved feeding into your ego this week, just so I could make this blindside that much sweeter. You ate my lies up like flies eat shit.