Day 22

So mark was voted off the last tribal council. Bull***t. Theyve tricked me by voting off Uli. Deym, I was played. I think they did it to see if they could trust me. Now I think Uli sees me as a liar.


I don't know what to think now... Honest to God. I was lied to by my own alliance. Amos or JR was supposed to be the vote...not Mark. Now

..the vote served its purpose, but.the cost is high. Andrei practically voted in a manner that was not what he told me. I'm not happy about it. I cant play with my so called alliance until i get answers.


That was amazing! One of the best blindsides ever! We were planning on voting Uli, but the other's decided to bring Jemarc into the alliance. To get rid of one of Uli's allies, while testing to see if Jemarc is loyal, and fearing the idol, we told Jemarc to vote Uli and we voted Mark. So now Mark is out, and Uli is our target. Because Jemarc did vote Uli, obvious because Uli got a vote, we know that we can trust Jemarc. We just need to tell him that it was all part of the plan. The Tea Party is now beginning their reign of terror...


Andrei hopefully will just be another Tyson by the end of the next tribal. I am still not happy about his lies. So I have decided to voice it out to the others about his deceit. Uli isn't happy one bit. He thought Andrei was tight in helping him eliminate the Tea Party. Now, I know the plan was to eliminate a Mendi 4, but I dun like the fact he kept this plan from me. He won't see my plan coming. : ) hehe.


Glad the plan worked. One down four two go. But abaraham you must think I'm stupid because u say Anderi lied to me and u expect me to believe that. I never trust you since my first day on Daru when u told me u wanted to bring uli to the end. Pipe bomb!!!!!!!


DAMN... Epic Blindside! I am shocked... I was not ready to lose control and I was not at all ready to lose Mark. He was my right hand at MENDI. FUCK!!! I have no idea who fucked me up... For sure Jemarc flipped... So is the final missing vote coming from Andrei, Amos or Abby... I hate names that start with an A!!! SHIT! I cant believe it... I underestimated the whole bunch of people... I am so much more intelligent than all of them... Finally one of them must have woken up.

I am so sorry Mark. I guess they tried to flush the idol from JR, since Mick thinks JR has it. Still noone knows i have it. So i can keep at least one more week in the game... I wanna kill the traitor with it.


Finally identified Andrei as the traitor. He swaied Jemarc in addition. Good job. Leaves me with numbers down. No idea what to do... Guess I have to win immunity and blindside Andrei with the idol?!?


Day 23

I'm pissed about the challenge now. All 'cause I misread one word, Edit. I'm not too happy about it, and the odds are stacked against all of us. Andrei is a fucking king pin with all the power and yet he's got all the things right for talking right. I'm gonna make sure he doesn't get it at all.

But then again, there is benefit in keeping my homosexual strategist here. Since I spread the fact that he was the one who flipped in the vote and took our poor Marc, he's now the bane of the entire tribe minus the hallucinating Tea Party. Usually, I would start a sentence from that with a 'Hopefully', this time, I WILL make Damn sure that he goes home...if not, then it's Matt's name on the block. Either way, I WILL be at the very end. : )

And also, make the damn games a little easier to understand for us 'slow readers'...


I thought Abe was on the tea party. Turns out, he is on the other side. I dont mean to coat tail my ride here but I just want to gain everybody's trust. How could I not betray people who brought me back? :)


Its a chill day on the island today, eh? Haha! Lols. Kidding aside, I dont know who'll the tea party will vote off. I'm gonna rely on what both sides are saying.


As expected after Tree mail we get an endurance competition... How extremely stupid are those people? Cant they read? It's embarassing. But... Even the great challenger Andrei is stupid. If you start that early, you have to trust in the fact that everyone else will drop their pole... The rules state that the one with the longest pole at deadline wins, except if everyone drops theirs in before. So if I start 15 minutes before challenge ends, I gonna win if everyone lost theirs in before due to going to sleep.


WTF!!! What is Ian doing? Doesn't he understand his own fn challenge? Andrei could have still dropped it... That's so fucking annoying. Especially since he agreed with me when I called him out on it. So what can I do. Andrei seems to have immunity. Ian will probably restart the game, but my plan is exposed. So I filled a formal protest against the stoppage of the challenge. Talked with Andrei and Ian in the same channel. And since Andrei was complayning about the challenge text anyways I broed up with him in private, and took back the protest the very moment Ian wanted to take the win from him. Now Andrei will feel guilty and probably keep me another tribal. Let's hope it works out so I can keep the idol to kill Andrei next tribal.


Day 24

This vote is crucial now. Andrei still trusts me, but hopefully it means he's getting Matt or Mick out. His surprises can be unpleasant but Andrei still has power which i can use for now. It comes to this, do i keep him at the final and hope they see him as someone to NOT vote and the final...or i kick him out and prevent him being at the final... Either i can keep my trusted appearance or become a complete bastard to the jury.

I still in Kim and Luke at i got both Mendi & Tea Party in my blood...with Andrei has head puppet master.


That immunity challenge prevented me from sleeping early! Haha. Loljk. I fought to do the challenge but Andrei killed it. He is running to be the Colby of the season.


Andrei told me that he and Abe wanted to vote matt out. Abe already told the mendi about who to vote and they've seem to agree with it. He told me that we have to vote for him and pretend that we were confused or something. Also he sent LP to exile cause we want to let him think we had his back.


Idol flush is not happening...

Kim is trying the same idol flush from JR trick that he used on me against Andrei. So the votes are gonna go against either me, Abby or Amos... Well... Noone will waste a vote on Amos... He is never online, he plays no challenges, he has no time. Nothing against him as a person, but as a player he is useless... I only consider him a number in the game... So its either me or Abby... So most likely me. That's what I also heard from Mick. BUT... Andrei promissed me I am save... And somehow i believe him. He can't hand the numbers to the young guns. He has to switch back once in a while. Hope we can kill him due to that next tribal... The young guns might turn against him if he votes with us against Matt, due to numbers... Should he betray me again... Well... I will take the risk... If I play the Idol I will be gone next tribal. I cant use it yet... I asume we will vote original Mendi and original Daru vs Matt with 5 votes against me. Let's see what is going to happen. This might be my last tribal and I am very well aware of it. But I prefer going out with the idol over using it without a reason.


Well today Uli told me on Facebook today that he doesn't want to go yet (like anyone does :D). Well, but sadly he might be going home cause most of the members of the tee party want him gone. Well basicly Kim joined me, Matt and LP to have an alliance in an alliance. I hope it works out and I'll tell more about it - tomorrow.


The past few days have been extremely intense. I hid the Tea Party's plans from Abraham, so he was pretty upset, and I heard he was ready to vote me out... I didn't expect him to take it so dramatically, but now I understand how seriously he takes lying and I'll have to be more honest with him... Thankfully, we had a good heart to heart conversation and I think this will make us closer on a personal level.

However... I'm not quite done with the scheming~ Last Tribal, I voted out a Mendi member, so in order to keep Daru stronger, I now have to vote out someone from the Tea Party. I put Uli in a position where he has to vote with me or he's going home. I think he was surprised by Mark's blindside, but understood it, even though he thought it was too early for such a move to happen... I think I'd done a good job of diminishing how much the Tea Party trusted me.

As for the future, I do plan on giving my all in Immunity challenges, because I will have a target on my back, but at the same time... The numbers are way too close for comfort and I want to make sure I'm instrumental in everyone's success. I want the Daru members to essentially dictate every boot... And since there's so much animosity between Mendi and Abau, it should be a piece of cake. I took dispositions to make sure that Luke trusts me, and I can always back up my vote to Blake and Kim by telling them I had their interest in mind... Which I somewhat do, until F5.