"You Think I Am on the Outs?"
Season Survivor: All-Stars
Episode Number 12/16
Episode Chronology
Previous Müüsli zum Z'Morgä
Next I Can See a Win in My Future

You Think I Am on the Outs? is the twelfth episode of Survivor: All-Stars.


Immunity Challenge: Puzzled for Time
The castaways are to complete a puzzle with the season logo. The person with the fastest time wins immunity.
Winner: Gerda


Day 28

Day 29

Tribal Council

Tribal Council 15:
Nie Mand
Sole AS
Sole (8 votes)
AdamBAndrei ASBen ASGerard AS
Gerda ASLloyd ASTaylor -all stars-3Uli AS
Adam, Andrei, Ben, Gerard, Gerda, Lloyd, Taylor, & Uli
Uli AS
Uli (2 votes)
Sole ASZac AS
Sole & Zac
Sole S12 BW

Voting Confessionals

You think I am on the outs? I am controlling this whole fucking thing... Last vote you were targeting me... I made two people campaign for me... And your attempt was gone while i was dead asleep... So... You are going out next... Bye bye...


My vote, is for Sole. There can only be one Sole Survivor, and that's me. Well, that's wrong, there were 12, and 13 counting this season's winner, but if it's me again it'll be get what I mean. Don't pull out an idol. Btw, you seem like a real nice dude and you definitely know how to play this game, you just were like Jhet, you found yourself in the minority a little too late. Hope to talk to you outside of this game.


Oh Sole i didn't want to do this so early but your constant banter to other players that I'm going to win and you mentioning that i have a second idol (its true but how did you know!) is rather inconvenient for me. And now you must go Bye Bye. Say hi to your Mpilo buddies for me at ponderosa.


Right now, even if i will not vote for you, still, it won't matter because majority of the people want you gone. I know you're a great guy but sometimes i need to choose to be stung by the bees than being killed by wolves. you know what i'm sayin??


Sole, I know you and my booboo Sharky were close, but you and I never really talked so it doesn't make sense to keep you around. Good luck.


Because you flipped on me at F13 I now have to deal with an inconveniently strong Taylor. This is payback.


These people are not to be trusted.


I can't push this into the future anymore. Sole, I am truly sorry for having to do this. I know I asked you for an alliance in the beginning of this game. I was true to that alliance then, but as soon as I heard you were targeting me I knew I had to get you out at one point.

Sole, you are a wonderful person and a wonderful player. Sadly that's what makes you a really big threat. It was rather lucky that I won against you this time (considering Hawaii and all), but I am not sure at all I could do it again. I hope you can forgive me for this. Just like in Hawaii I am not taking any pleasure in voting you out. I like you quite a lot. But at this stage I have got to vote out people that I like. I'm sorry, my dear - I have no other choice. I hope you won't be mad. You will still remain one of the absolute best people that I have EVER played against.. and one of my most favorite players... But that's Survivor. You have to vote out people that you like... Gosh, I hate this game sometimes. Live well, Sole. Thank you so much for everything! You are one of the reasons I am a better player now. You pushed me to be better in Hawaii, to have more fire in my heart, to not be a whiner and a quitter. And I couldn't be more thankful. You are the one who encouraged me and I was proud to tell you about my plan in Dr Panda and everything, and even more proud to see your reaction (There's the fire I was searching for in Hawaii!). I love speaking to you a lot. I really hope you will stick around after this season so we can talk more. And I really, really hope you won't hold a grudge. It would be very hard for me if you did. I hope you had fun in All Stars. You deserved your spot more than anybody else and I loved playing with you again. Thank you so much for everything. <3


Final Words

Still In The Running

Alejandro AS bw
Jhet-BW AS
Sole S12 BW
Sharky S12 BW
Gerard AS
Henzzy AS bw
Skandi S12 BW
Uli AS
Zac AS
Ali S12 BW
Andrei AS
Ash S12 BW
Ben AS
KevinAS BW
Taylor -all stars-3
Charlie S12 BW
Gerda AS
Lloyd AS
Mike S12 BW


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