Yum Yum
Tribe Profile
Season Similan Islands
Namesake Name of the love
interest in Grand Torino
Tribe Type Merged Tribe
Day Formed Day 25
Tribes Merged Miyang
Lowest Placing Member Thenin10domaster (10/20)
Highest Placing Member Migueldegouveia (Sole Survivor)

Yum Yum Flag


Insignia unavailable.


Buff unavailable.

Yum Yum is the merged tribe of Survivor: Similan Islands. Their tribe color is orange.


S22 DiegoS22 NickS22 HugoS22 Katie
S22 MiguelS22 ErlendS22 RickS22 Tom
S22 TrevorS22 Red

Tribe History

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  • Both the first and the last person voted out from Yum Yum were originally from Miyang.
    • Coincidentally, they were the only people from Miyang to make the merge.

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